“You’re the Expert!”

“You’re the expert.” I must admit, I love to hear my clients say this. They schedule a massage with a goal in mind, yet are able to let go and allow me; a skilled, trained, and experienced therapist to create the strategy to get there. They are acknowledging that someone who has devoted years of their life to studying a practice will hopefully have more insight than “push really hard here, where it hurts.” Because if that’s all there was to releasing stress and tension, all the sweethearts and spouses that have been enrolled to help their loved ones would have certainly eradicated many of the tight muscles by now. Clearly that has not been happening.

And that’s what brings folks to a professional. That’s what causes them to dig deep into their tight budgets to fund a healing treatment. What they’ve been trying at home just isn’t helping; not in any sustainable way. So they ask for help, hoping that the therapist will have some knowledge, intuitive guidance, or practical experience that goes beyond the primitive idea that enough pressure on one or two knots will solve the problem. Well, we do! Our training enables us to understand that the body works as a unit, and that pain indicates an imbalance in the team of muscles and joints. We understand the holistic nature of bodywork, and know how to find the cause of discomfort rather than merely focusing on the symptoms.

This is one case in which the customer is not always right. As a client of massage therapy, you get to choose the style of treatment that you desire (Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, sports, etc) and the area you wish to focus on, as well as request any modifications that are necessary for your comfort. From there on, it’s best to keep an open mind and surrender your preconceived notions. It is highly suggested that you remember that the trained professional you have hired knows how to proceed in an effective and efficient way. Learn to let go, relax, and trust and you will maximize the benefits of your session.

Reiki for Hot Flashes

I’ve never endured a hot flash personally, but many of my clients experience this annoyance on a regular basis. Sleep is disturbed, equanimity is eradicated, routines are interrupted, and sometimes relationships deteriorate. Yes, it’s true that hot flashes are a common side effect of menopause and perimenopause.  However, it doesn’t mean that all women are doomed to suffer hopelessly and indefinitely. A return to equilibrium is possible, and Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful, technique for getting there.

Stress is a widely accepted trigger, and the relaxing effects of a Reiki treatment are a potent cure. I see the relaxation response as multifaceted. When our bodies are inundated with stress, muscles tense and circulation is impaired. Toxins accumulate in the tissues and over time all bodily systems function with less and less efficiency. Chronic stress also upsets the hormonal balance in a woman’s body as excess stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol run amok. Hormonal imbalance is another common trigger for hot flashes. Creating a relaxing environment and bathing the senses and nervous system in healing, soothing energy offers a much welcomed remedy.

A Reiki treatment can easily be tailored to target the liver (which cleanses the blood and helps to regulate hormones) so that it is more available to handle fluctuations in estrogen.  Focus on the ovaries is also an important strategy. Traditional hand positions will cover these areas, and the practitioner may choose to linger there if guided to do so. Balancing the chakras is also helpful and serves to reduce excess heat in the system. I am often lead to stimulate the liver meridian acupressure points and the liver and ovary reflex points on the feet for added benefit. I’m amazed at the power of Reiki to clear blockages throughout the entire system.

Naturally it is important to follow a doctor’s advice when dealing with any health issue. Reducing caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol intake are general recommendations for decreasing hot flashes, along with moderate exercise and cessation of smoking. Releasing addictions, cultivating well-being and overall health, and nurturing lifestyle changes can all be supported with divinely guided life- force energy that is channeled through a Reiki treatment. Obviously these changes take time and diligent effort. A series of sessions will most likely be needed to assist a client through these shifts and to maintain the delicate beginnings of new habits. My clients report that the relief they experience, the improved quality of sleep, the elimination of extreme irritability, and the freedom from symptoms is completely worth the investment. There really is non-invasive, side-effect free help available for hot flashes. You don’t have to suffer any longer. Allow your intuition to guide you to a practitioner and invite balance into your life today.