Revealing Secrets

Last week I told someone about the upcoming Reiki class that I was excited to be teaching. (Actually, I told everyone who crossed my path as I could hardly contain myself, but that’s not entirely relevant here!) This woman looked at me with a surprised expression and said, “You’re not going to reveal your secrets, are you? You’ll just be creating competition.” All I could do was smile and explain that I wasn’t at all worried about that because the world needs lots of healing and as more people are willing to share this gift, the more accepted Reiki will become.

It’s easy for me to forget that many people engage in a world that feels competitive. They see resources as limited and believe that there isn’t enough good for all of us. It’s easy for me to forget because that is soooooo not my reality! I live in a world that is abundant, where we can all have everything we need if we only allow it. I choose to believe that by initiating as many Reiki practitioners as I possibly can, I will enhance not only the environment in which I live, but also my own personal prosperity. The more people who are exposed to the idea of Reiki healing, the more who are open to exploring the possibilities and the potential client base expands due to this.

Who couldn’t enjoy more well-being, peace, joy, and love in their lives? Everyone, right? There are so many people outside of my social circle who could benefit from Reiki treatments or training. The more folks I am able to recruit to spread the word of this healing potential, the greater the demand for energy healing, the more calls I get for people wanting sessions. It’s my fantasy to attune as many people as possible to at least the first level of Reiki practice to increase the positive experiences of us all and to infuse this planet with unconditional love and compassion. How could that possibly not benefit all of us, myself included?

Ding, Ding, Ding; We Have a Winner!

Today my client told me that earlier she had been sitting at her computer when her back started aching. The work she was doing was important, but not urgent, so she got up and did some stretching rather than powering through. If we had not been 15 minutes into a massage, I would’ve started turning cartwheels! I was so happy to hear that she was beginning to tune in and listen to her body’s messages.

As a bodyworker it is a huge goal of mine to promote self-care. Yes, I love helping people release pain and stress, but the work I do is way more effective when it’s backed up with mindfulness and lifestyle shifts. There’s only so much I can do in an hour to help someone who abuses his or her body for 40 or 60 or 80 hours in between sessions. I think of myself as an eraser: I can help give someone a clean slate, but it’s ultimately up to them what gets scribbled on it when they leave my care. It is a true joy to watch someone take responsibility for their own well-being. Our bodies give us the clues we need to thrive physically; we just need to listen.

The Unwelcome Messenger

My clients often tell me how much their pain medication is helping them. As gently as possible, I do my best to clarify that most pain killers are doing just that- killing the pain. They help us to feel less discomfort, but that is not at all the same thing as healing. In fact, in my eyes, it’s often counterproductive to healing, because it gives us a false sense of well-being and allows us to overlook the message the pain was meant to deliver. Shooting the messenger does not cancel out the message.

That’s right; I see pain as a messenger. It often brings a statement from the higher self. Sometimes pain indicates an imbalance either in the body or psyche. It is a clue that something is out of whack and needs to be addressed in order for vitality and complete health to emerge. Pain can also be a signal that a lifestyle change is in order or that a repetitive movement needs to be altered. It is sometimes the only way to convince a person to slow down and rest.

The body is asking for attention when this unwelcome messenger arrives. The one thing I know for certain is that the message is not “I need more ibuprofen”. I’m certainly not suggesting that people suffer through their injuries without pharmaceutical assistance. There absolutely is a place in healing for pain relief. It is my hope, however, that people will consider after taking the pill that a symptom still needs to be addressed. Don’t ignore the cry for help merely because the pain has been dulled. Dig deeper for the source of the pain and take steps to regain balance. Your long term well-being depends on it.

Time for My Meltdown

This morning a lady arrived for her weekly massage and announced, “Time for my meltdown!” I was surprised at first, because generally speaking a meltdown is a traumatic and dramatic event. Then it hit me- she was referring to the feeling of melting from the inside out. I couldn’t help but to smile at this beautiful concept. Meltdown = rubdown + enhanced inner peace. What a lovely way to describe the work I enjoy doing!

Yesterday, I gave a Reiki/massage combo to a sweet young lady who was having a stressful day. I started off with some balancing Reiki to move any stuck energy out of her mind and body, and could feel her sink deeply into the treatment. Afterwards she told me that she had been worried about having a breakdown on the table. While this is not uncommon during bodywork as emotions often get stirred up and pushed to the surface for release, it is often uncomfortable for clients who are shy about expressing heavy emotions or crying in front of others. She confided in me that instead of a breakdown, she had been able to release all the gunk she had been holding onto without the tears or upset. She instead had a meltdown!

When it comes to stress, the psyche runs the show, but the body pays the price. We get worn down by incessantly thinking that there’s never enough time to do what we need to do, that we’re running in place, that we always need to be on guard. These feelings weaken our energy flow, making our immune systems vulnerable, and creating an opening for illness. Gentle, nurturing touch and energy healing helps people let go of the thoughts and emotions that are the true source of most of the discomfort and pain in the body. Creating a safe, compassionate space for people to relax and restore is a surefire way to enhance health and well-being. How lucky am I that I get to be a facilitator of this beautiful process!?!?