Because That’s the Way We’ve Always Done It

I’m sure everyone has been frustrated by this concept at some point in their lives. It seems to pop up quite frequently in my day to day activities, but maybe that’s because I’m on the lookout. Doing things in an illogical manner just because that’s how it’s always been done makes absolutely no sense to me! In fact, I once quit a job after only one week because the tracking system was so redundant and inefficient it drove me mad. I have noticed that sometimes people just get so entrenched in going through the motions that they don’t even notice that their routine could be improved.

One of the greatest benefits of moving to a new city is that I had to begin from scratch. I had to learn to navigate in unfamiliar territory with little outside assistance. Nothing was the same for me and that meant that I was able to create new systems and strategies that were perfectly designed for my new life. Even opening a new bank account offered me the freedom of mobile deposits (taking a picture of a check I wish to deposit with my smart phone eliminates the need to go to the bank) and a more streamlined bill pay feature. This is just one example of changes that have actually been upgrades.

Now I’m certainly not suggesting that everyone move across the country. Although it is one strategy for shaking things up and discovering your priorities, obviously it is a drastic choice. I would like to encourage you, however, to examine your habits with fresh eyes from time to time and engage in self-inquiry. Could your menu or closets or social calendar use an overhaul? Could your errands be more efficient or maybe even some of them eliminated? Your close friends might have some insight into possible improvements and if you are willing to hear what they have to say, they could be a valuable resource. Why not have a sincere look at your routine or your belongings and evaluate what is truly working for you and what isn’t? You will probably be pleasantly surprised at the hidden benefits of inviting change into your life.

Thank You, Reiki!

Thanksgiving is a day Americans traditionally pause to give thanks. This year I am adding a Reiki blessing to all that I do. Every slice of the knife or swoosh of the spoon will carry a boost of spiritually guided life-force energy to enhance the well-being of those who savor the meal. Every smile on my route to my brother’s home, every hug within those walls, every word I exchange with my family will be infused with the healing power of Reiki. Even these words I am typing now have been saturated in loving-kindness that is now drifting into your awareness and available if you should choose to receive it. I invite you to join me in painting the world with sacred energy; whether it be healing energy, love, light, or any inspiration you have to share. Let’s use our gratitude to uplift those around us for the highest good of all.

Just Feel It!

I really enjoyed Kate Northrup’s most recent blog about feelings. She describes how her willingness to sit with herself and feel what she was feeling (rather than distracting with busy-ness or numbing with substances) allowed her so-called “funk” to pass quickly. I have been working with this concept over the past few years and have found that once the initial discomfort of experiencing grief or anger wears off, the uneasiness that was lurking seems to evaporate almost immediately. Treating myself with Reiki indeed helps me to both recognize when I am feeling out of balance as well as to relax into whatever is true for me in each moment. This is another reason I so enjoy teaching Reiki classes; giving others the skill to allow their emotions to unfold naturally sets them up for a lifetime of physical/mental/emotional/spiritual well-being. Every step we take to ensure holistic balance in our minds and bodies affects us all.

Check out her insightful and helpful blog if you’re interested in learning more.