Reclaiming the Feminine

Lately I’ve been on a quest to discover the Sacred Feminine within me. Part of that process has been to understand what those words even mean! At first glance, feminine energy seems to be soft, compassionate, passive. While these qualities are indeed an aspect of what I was seeking to uncover, they are far from the whole. I’ve come to realize that there is also a fierceness that is sometimes present in deep femininity (think of a mamma bear protecting her cubs). As it turns out, what I really wanted was to embody this power in a gentle, loving way.

I also began to realize that there is a world of difference between the feminine quality of creativity and the trait of passivity. They might look the same from the outside, but from the inner perspective, they are as different as night and day. Just as we can’t watch a pregnant woman growing a baby, we know that is exactly what is happening. Magnetism is the same. We might look like we’re sitting around doing nothing, but we are instead using this feminine power to get clear on what we want, and are drawing it to ourselves through the practice of Being rather than Doing.

Reiki self-treatments help me to move through stuck emotions as well as to discover remnants of stuckness needing to be released. They help to soothe the ruffled feathers of the healing work I am doing. I know I have much to learn as I continue this mystical journey, and I trust in the energy of Reiki to support me along the way. I’m certain that this process works for uncovering the Sacred Masculine as well. I’m not entirely sure what that path looks like, but I suspect it’s a process embracing the journey from aggressiveness to assertiveness.


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I’ve heard many spiritual teachers quote this profound statement. Many of us seem to have forgotten this truth, and have become identified with out personalities, our bodies, or our circumstances. When we remember the radiance of our True Selves, we no longer resist the flow of creativity and become aligned with well-being, peace, love, joy, and freedom.

I’ve been using Reiki self treatment to assist me along my path to awakening. Flooding my cells with this universal life force energy brings me into alignment with my true nature and helps me to let go of attachment to my seeming challenges, mistakes, and limitations. As I begin to remember who I truly am, I release all thoughts of separation from my inherent divinity and can feel the love which I am expanding.

Certainly Reiki is not a requirement for waking up, but it clearly is a boost along the journey. Given my longing to feel the serenity of returning home to my Truth, I’m grateful to have it as a guide and companion. Every moment I am able to spend immersed in Reiki inspires me to surrender all delays that keep me from knowing Who I Am- a spiritual being having a human experience.

Stacking the Deck

Every day we are all faced with circumstances we have no control over. Changes in barometric pressure, hormones, and pollen are a few that come to mind because some people suffer terrific headaches as a result. Yet it is my belief that when our body/mind/spirit balance is maintained, we can minimize or even eliminate the effects of these seeming troublemakers.

When our life-force energy is flowing harmoniously, our chakras and glands are vitalized and toxins are easily disposed of. Our immunity is functioning in top-gear and we are distinctly less susceptible to outside forces. The closer to optimal balance we are at any given moment, the less likely we will be toppled off-balance by any outside force. This can also apply to someone cutting us off in traffic, excessive or unpleasant fragrances, behavior in a colleague that we judge as rude, or a late bus.

There are countless ways to achieve balance in our lives. Reiki and meditation are the easiest, quickest, and most accessible tools that I know of for inviting peace, harmony, and well-being to become our default zone. Vacations are delightful, but they come too infrequently and end to quickly. Therapy is helpful, but we are reliant on someone else to meet with us. Exercise is irreplaceable, yet sometimes inconvenient. Both Reiki and meditation can be utilized anywhere, anytime, without any preparation or outside assistance. Practicing these simple techniques can stack the deck in our favor and keep us ahead of the potential discomfort of unforeseen events.

Here and Now

I’m a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle’s visionary book, The Power of Now. Ever since I read it, I’ve been experimenting with Reiki self-treatment to help me stay present in The Now; the only place I have access to my true power. I’ve also been working with my clients to reach this goal as well; both through intention setting and in our sessions together. The results have been amazing!

I’ve been noticing an enhanced willingness to let go of grievances that weigh me down, and to forgive both myself and others, rather than dragging the past into the precious Now. Reiki is helping me to actualize that willingness into reality. I’m also feeling a great deal of security that comes not from a change in income or expenses, but from a Knowingness that all my needs are provided for. Rather than simply repeating these words as an affirmation (which btw, I’ve been doing for a decade!) I’m actually trusting that they are true. This trust enables me to surrender worries about the future. Once again, I am catapulted into The Now. I like it here! It’s heavenly!! I’m ever so grateful to The Power of Reiki for helping me to transition into my new residency. The more the merrier, so please consider joining me. How about Now?

Blessed Freedom

Today as the U.S. celebrates Independence Day and freedom from the tyranny of foreign rulership, I am celebrating freedom of Spirit. As I focus on using Reiki self-treatment for spiritual healing, I have come to realize that I have total freedom to choose my thoughts. When I am not feeling the comfort of a joyful, loving, peaceful inner experience; I can choose again. Today I commit to choosing Truth and expressing My True Nature. This allows me the freedom to escape from the tyranny of fear, judgment, sadness, and sense of separation. And what a wonderful gift this freedom is!