It’s All in the Feet

Reflexology teaches that all organs, glands, and parts of the body are represented by reflex points found in the feet. I’m not a certified reflexologist; I don’t have the knowledge or skill to do a complete session or to work with someone who is severely ill. That would require extensive training and experience. But I am confident that even a little attention to the reflexes can stimulate healing. I had a mere introduction to this fascinating technique while I was in massage school, and am often able to apply the basics during a massage or Reiki session.

Recently I worked with a client who had been suffering for over two weeks with congested sinuses. It wasn’t the issue that brought her to me, but it came up in our pre-massage check in. In general massage can help sinus problems by increasing circulation, boosting the immune system, and squeezing toxins out of cells, but there’s not much we can do directly to clear the sinus cavity. I wanted to do all I could to help, so I reserved the last ten minutes of her session for her feet, and finished with the pressure points for the sinuses. When we were finished, I mentioned what I had done so she could track any results.

The following month she came back and the first thing she did was to exclaim how her sinuses had immediately improved and had not given her any trouble since. I was delighted to hear this, but a little surprise that such a short treatment had such profound effects. My interest in this modality was reignited and almost all my clients recieve a quick dose of reflexology during their treatments. Sluggish thryoid, digestive upset, stiff neck, cough, congestion, and so much more can be improved. And it really is all in the feet!

Limiting Labels

I’m observing this phenomenon of limitation in my life regarding my attachment to being A Bicycle Commuter. When I lived on the coast of California, I rejoiced in not owning a car and pedaling along the recreation trail in all weather with my groceries or yoga mat. Then I moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia where there is no structure to support two wheel commuting and two feet of snow and slush are currently piled up on the side of the road. While Bicycle Commuter might sound like a healthy label, in my current environment it is really holding me down. It’s time to move on and acknowledge that a car would make my life infinitely easier.

That’s the perfect example of how my belief of Who I Am is interfering with the progression of my life. As I release this limitation, I will eventually grow more comfortable as thinking of myself as simply one who adapts to her surroundings and flourishes, no matter what. Part of my job as a bodyworker and Reiki Master is helping people to realize how the lables they’ve chosen for themselves are preventing their healing. One way this shows up frequently is through the use of absolute terms such as always and never. When one declares that “my lower back is always tight”  they are making it difficult for this condition to change.

I encourage people to be aware of their language as words do have power. Repeating statements over and over either aloud or to ourselves strengthens them in our subconscious, which has no choice but to conform. The above statement can be transformed to a more liberating concept by removing the permanence implicit in the word always.  “For the past several weeks I’ve felt tension in my back.”, or “I’d like to focus on releasing tension from my back today.” Both of these options leave space for improvement.

I encourage you to examine the stories you are sharing about your ailments. Is there a way of rewriting the script that enables healing? Are your willing to let go of the way you see yourself in order to allow an improved version to appear? Can you surrender any labels that withhold your progress to becoming healthier, happier, freer in your body or lifestyle? I promise, the rewards are worth the effort of an honest exploration of your beliefs. Try it and let me know what happens!