Not MY Plan

Generally speaking people book Reiki sessions with me because they are struggling with some area of their lives; health, prosperity, sense of belonging, stress, and relationships are the most common concerns. As we work together and they become willing to release this struggle, very often peace quickly descends. This does not mean that they remain inactive; rather they choose to accept the circumstances as their current reality and pursue a path to the outcome they desire. They stop fighting against something and instead work toward something else. 

The current trend I’m noticing among not only my clients but also in my own life as well as those of many of my friends, is that even after the act of surrendering struggle, forward movement stalls. Despite clear intentions, decisive action, and heartfelt desire, progress seems blocked. Plans get revised, investment in creating change gets boosted and … Nothing happens. Master manifestors are stuck treading water. 

I’ve begun exploring the possibility that while MY plan is completely off the rails and seemingly at a dead end, perhaps I am experiencing a different plan. A plan that supersedes MY plan. A Divine Plan. Perhaps THE PLAN- the optimal position gifted to me to support my soul’s purpose, my personal healing, and spiritual growth. 

As I let go of my well-reasoned and deeply investigated plan (less than graciously more times than not!) I am coming to realize that MY Plan was actually a distraction, a tangent, heck it’s really a detour from The Plan. As I release the resistance to this awakening, I feel incredibly comforted by a knowingness that I’m back on track. Now I simply sit back and watch as the resources I need appear as if by magic. And in much greater ways than I ever could have planned on my own. 

Psoas Rules!

Dr. Christiane Northrup wrote a brilliant article about the psoas being the most vital muscle in the body. That’s quite a definitive statement, right?! She does a fantastic job of establishing body-mind connection and explaining┬áthe importance of releasing the constant fight-or-flight reflex to enjoy optimal health. Not only am I experiencing the truth of her words from the inside of my own body, but I’ve witnessed it countless times in my bodywork clients.

I highly encourage reading what she has to say. She includes things to observe in yourself as well as tips for regaining balance, all in easy-to-understand language. Check it out here!

Unconditional Friendliness

Reiki self-healing heart, pretty Asian womanThis morning I took a yoga class where the instructor offered an optional intention of extending unconditional friendliness, first to ourselves and our bodies, and then outwards towards others. I hopped on board right away, touched by the simplicity and power of this expression. In just two words, he summed up my approach to health and healing.

Let us approach our bodies with friendliness. No matter what. For me this meant backing off quite a bit during class as I was feeling tired and somewhat fragile. Rather than pushing through fatigue or forcing my body to hold poses it wasn’t really up to, I chose friendliness and rested frequently. I had planned to do a vigorous practice as I was feeling stiff and wanted to let go of accumulated tension. My body’s innate wisdom had a different plan for me, and because I was willing to listen, I benefited greatly.

This philosophy is also how I approach bodywork. So often we treat our bodies as the enemy; something to be conquered or beaten into submission, punished or ignored. Thousands of times I’ve seen pain melt away during a session in which I used friendliness as an intention rather than aggression or manipulation. To me it is intuitively obvious that we don’t lessen suffering by hurting one another or ourselves.

This newfound clarity has inspired me to behave differently. I’m decided to make friends with my body; to respect, honor, listen, cherish, and treat her with kindness. I will speak to her lovingly and give her the support she needs to thrive. It’s high time I make unconditional friendliness an internal priority rather than merely an external one. After all, my body will be with me for the rest of my life, we might as well be the best of friends!