Reiki is My Business Manager

Reiki is My Business Manager

Nearly every week I get an email from an SEO provider who wants to propel my website to the top of all search engine results and quadruple my business. While they might have mad technical skills, it’s clear that they don’t know about Reiki.

Reiki is my SEO provider, my marketing advisor, and my schedule keeper. I use Reiki, frequently and with great delight, to energize my intention to fulfill my soul’s purpose while serving compatible clients who appreciate my gifts and are a pleasure to work with.

Yup. That last part is super important! Anyone who has ever worked in any service industry anywhere knows that one difficult client can be exhausting. There have been times when I’ve ignored my intuition and made special accommodations for someone who proved to be very challenging and regretted it deeply. I would have rather had the afternoon off, without pay, than endured a hassle that was much greater than the compensation.

I’m much more interested in the quality of results than the quantity.

If you know any human SEO providers who are also Reiki practitioners, understand the power of intention, and grok metaphysics, please send them my way! In the meantime, no, I am uninterested in having masses of random folks flocking to my website.

If you’re already practicing Reiki, here are a few tips for rocking your goals. This Reiki stuff really works, so take care with what you ask for!

Words like compatible, ease, grace, efficient, effortless, and enjoyable cover a lot of ground. You don’t need to spell out the details of what compatible or easy mean because Reiki is innately intelligent. It already knows. My definition of compatible is fluid, depending on various and variable circumstances, and Reiki can roll with that fluidity.

Also, I find it extremely helpful to focus on how I want to feel, and then get out of the way for how that feeling emerges. Fulfilled, connected, supported, appreciated, and respected are some choice words that can lead to amazing results.

Likely you’ll want to be well-compensated. I suggest tuning in to the desired result of paying your bills and having plenty extra for your extra-curriculars rather than pursuing x number of clients. This keeps the door open for generous tips, gifts, and other windfalls that are unforeseeable.

Once you’ve crafted your carefully worded intention, conjure up the feeling sense of that experience, and apply Reiki. I like to make art projects that visually represent my intentions and then Reiki the art. Sometimes I write it out in my journal and Reiki that. Other times, I simply place a hand on my heart, the other on my belly, and turn on the juice.

If you get recurring images of yourself as a dog groomer or living on top of a mountain writing poetry, it might be time to admit that the urges for a different lifestyle that you’ve been ignoring are demanding your attention. If you get flashes about a community health event or potential referral system, you’ll want to follow up. I often get breadcrumbs from the universe that lead me to new and unexpected business possibilities. It’s my job to do the legwork.

You can apply these same principles to maximizing your calendar or finding the right equipment or decor. Just like all other Reiki goals, it’s simply a matter of intention plus application, rinse, and repeat. It’s simple AND easy AND potent. Those words rarely go together in the same sentence!

Why Reiki??

The following is an excerpt from the handouts I provide in level 1 Reiki certification. I’m perpetually updating class notes to reflect the ongoing downloads and updates that inform my own understanding. If you’ve heard talk about Reiki and have been curious but hesitant to try the waters, this could help nudge you one way or the other.

“You’re in the right place if you’re interested in optimizing your wellness, uncovering your innate wholeness, finding and following your calling, soothing aches and pains, finding the well of peace and joy deep within, healing trauma, releasing limiting beliefs, spiritual awakening, or personal growth. Reiki can be used for all these goals by cultivating balance, removing blockages, and strengthening vitality.

“It is my intention to provide a basic understanding of what Reiki is and how we can use it to improve health, happiness, and productivity. I invite you to be curious about all the possibilities Reiki has to offer. Experiment when you feel guided to do so. There are NO limits! If you have an idea about how to use Reiki that I haven’t mentioned; try it! Reiki can do no harm.”

My next online beginners class runs on Thursday mornings in October, 10am-noon ET. There is still room for a few more compatible students to join us. I don’t have a formal application process. Just message me with a little bit of information about what you hope to get from this class and we’ll see if we’re a good match for each other.

Happy Equinox!

I find it so fascinating that this home of ours, a hunk of rock spinning around a fiery ball in vast space, manages to predictably provide us with times of equal light and darkness twice per year. 

Impressive, right?! 

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, today is the autumn equinox. Hooray! Personally, I’m happy to say goodbye to heat and humidity. Equally as wonderful, we will soon have the best display of colorful leaves here in Pennsylvania. And then they fall to the earth to decay and eventually provide support for spring’s glorious eruption of green. Which is what is happening in the southern hemisphere, where they celebrate the spring equinox today. 

This turning point of the seasons is an invitation to align with nature and bring more balance into our own lives. It could be something as simple as a breathing practice. Alternate nostril breathing brings our right and left sides (brain and body) into balance. “Square” breathing equalizes every inhale and exhale. 

It’s also helpful to consider our current imbalances when choosing strategies. If I’m feeling anxious, slightly extending my exhales could help calm me down. A slight emphasis on the inhales could pick me up when energy is low. Knowing where you are relative to where you’d like to be can inform your decisions. Putting on another sweater isn’t going to help if you’re already too warm. 

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Today we experience equal lengths of day and night in the macrocosm. How can you take advantage of these cosmic energies to cultivate more balance in your microcosm? It could be time to release something that no longer serves yourself or the community or commit to something that has been twinkling in the back of your mind for some time. It could be as simple as removing some clutter or cleaning the windows so that you can think or see more clearly. 

Chances are that you’re the only one who truly knows what action (or inaction!)  will support your unique equilibrium. Take a few moments today to turn inward and inquire. “How does it get better than this?” is a great prompt if you want some help getting started.

If you have Reiki superpowers, turn on the juice during your contemplation and goal setting. It will help your thoughts and actions to align with flow of nature and your greatest good. If you don’t yet have Reiki superpowers, but would like to, learning is easy in fun. I’m teaching a beginners course in October.

Reiki “Snacks” for Chaotic Times

Over the years of teaching Reiki to lots of busy people, I’ve done my best to emphasize that it’s easy to make the practice fit, regardless of how crazy life may be. When engaging in self-care activities, it makes much more sense to me to find modalities that bend and flex to fit our needs rather than trying to stuff ourselves into some dogmatic box. 

I’ve met many folks who abandoned their Reiki practices after being instructed to spend 30-60 minutes every day in self-treatment. Seriously, who has that luxury on a consistent basis? I do believe it is crucial to carve out time for ourselves and the activities that nourish us and I get that investing time in spiritual practice saves time in the long run. But let’s be realistic here! Many people are going to miss the myriad benefits of Reiki if they believe an hour is required every day. 

My philosophy is that any application, no matter how brief, is better than no application at all. Just like saving $1 every day adds up over time, every drop of Reiki contributes to wellness. I advise students to take advantage of any 5- or 10-minute gaps in their days, of time spent waiting in line or on hold with customer service, and the moments before drifting off to sleep. It’s possible to turn on the flow of Reiki while you’re meditating, bathing, exercising, cooking, or even watching TV. 

Last night in class, a student shared that her previously dedicated Reiki time had been usurped by stressful life events. As a result, she was grabbing precious moments here and there, whenever she could. She called it her Reiki Tic Tacs. Those Tic Tac breaks were keeping her going. 

I just love the analogy! Sure, it’s wonderful to enjoy a Reiki feast from time to time and really drop in deeply and soak up the healing vibes. It’s great to have a consistent Reiki breakfast where I can start my day off with a boost of energy. And just like when I don’t have time for a proper meal, I can toss a handful of nuts in my mouth as I walk out the door, Reiki “snacks” will sustain me for several hours. Popping Tic Tacs, if that’s all that’s available, can help me get through a rough patch until I can nourish myself more thoroughly.

There are many ways to practice Reiki. Take advantage of any and every opportunity to give yourself a healing dose as frequently as you can. And when life conspires to give you a solid chunk of time, take advantage of that too. Find what works for you in each moment and adapt when you need to. At the end of the day, all those Reiki snacks will have accumulated and you’ll be that much closer to your goals.  

Reiki and Kundalini

In the past month, I’ve had several inquiries from prospective clients wondering if I could activate their kundalini. I got the impression that they expected it to happen in a single session. 

The short answer is no. A hard no. If your kundalini is not awakened, there is a reason for that: your system isn’t ready yet. 

Reiki can be a tremendous support on this journey. Without a doubt. It can help open the energy pathways by addressing blockages caused by suppressed emotions, cultural conditioning, and limiting beliefs. It won’t, however, just blast through these blockages as they need to be integrated.

Reiki will not forcibly clear the way. I think it would be dangerous to even try. 

Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology that uses mantra, mudra, and asana to invite kundalini to rise up through the chakras to the crown for healing and enlightenment. Yogis practice daily with devotion and mindfulness. I don’t believe there are any shortcuts. 

I understand why folks are seeking a kundalini experience. I’ve had glimpses of the blissful sensations that such an activation delivers. I trust that when my system is ready to handle more, it will emerge organically. Until then, I keep up with my practice of clearing the way with Reiki and yoga. To do otherwise would be the equivalent of putting rocket fuel into a 1977 Ford Pinto. It’s more likely to explode than lift off into space. 

It’s rare that I reply “no” to a “Can Reiki do x?” question. It simply won’t bring things to you that are not aligned with your highest good such as a psychotic break or nervous system overload. 

As far as I can tell, the only way to awaken kundalini is the old-fashioned way. Practice. 

In case you’re wondering, other services I do not offer are fortune telling, past-life readings, and exorcisms. I get occasional inquiries about these as well. They are not within the scope of my practice! Other Reiki practitioners may have trained in these fields and blend the services together, as I do with massage, but Reiki itself is simply the transference of divinely-guided life-force energy. 

Reiki can flood your system with powerful, yet gentle, energy to relieve stress and pain, soothe anxiety and distress, and activate your body’s innate healing abilities. It can help you experience the best version of yourself available in this moment. If you’re interested in having such superpowers at your fingertips, I’m offering an online training next month. Get in touch and we’ll see if it’s a good match for you. 

And if you’re a Reiki practitioner with different views on kundalini activation, I’d love to hear from you too!

Reiki Fun for Lazy Practitioners

I’m always on the lookout to make my Reiki practice easier and more efficient. Even better if it can be playful and fun as well! My goal is to be immersed in healing energy full-time. I do, however, still have things that need doing- emails to write, food to prepare, annoying fitted sheets to fold. So how can I keep the Reiki flowing even when I’m otherwise occupied?

Crystals are a great help. I store Reiki in all sorts of stones when I have time to spare and later, I can draw from these deposits as needed. I’m usually wearing a crystal necklace (pink quartz is the current fave), carrying a few in my pocket, or hanging out with them. You can find families of crystals on my desk, nightstand, and kitchen counter. Several join me in the bathtub along with the salts and essential oils.

My latest epiphany emerged recently while I was doing Reiki healing attunements. Part of the process involves filling the room with Reiki to amplify the results. I happened to glance up at the ceiling fan and… LIGHTBULB MOMENT! It occurred to me that I could utilize the swirling blades to spread Reiki throughout the space.

I realize that Reiki does not rely on any mechanism to disperse; it responds to intention and the greatest good, not technology. To clarify, I could use the fan to spark my imagination and help focus on my intention, which would in turn saturate the space with healing vibes. Where attention goes, energy flows.  

Reiki is great for infusing a space with desired energies, such as peace or creativity. This is a technique that any beginning practitioner can perform without any props. It’s simple and easy, but being the lazy practitioner I am, I realized that it could be even more simple and easy by Reiki’ing the fan to distribute the energy throughout the room.

One of the absolute best things about a Reiki practice (and there are so many!) is how customizable it is. For those who prefer structure, it’s possible to adopt a set way of doing things and continue repeating the protocol. For those of us who rebel against that sort of thing, there is infinite possibility for innovation. It’s all an experiment to me.

Just as I’ve activated my shower filter to infuse water with healing energy, now my fans have been treated and are spreading Reiki throughout my apartment with minimal effort from me. Give it a try! And keep an open mind when ideas pop up for new and excited ways to apply Reiki in your world. It certainly can’t hurt, and novelty keeps the spark alive. Let me know how your experiments are going. 🙂

Online Reiki 1 Certification in October

I’m thrilled to announce that my next beginning level Reiki class has been scheduled. Reiki is a natural energy that promotes stress and pain relief and bolsters the body’s innate healing abilities. Deactivating the fight-flight-freeze response while simultaneously saturating someone with spiritually-guided life-force energy is a powerful recipe for cultivating wellness, harmony, creativity, connection, productivity, presence, purpose, passion, and more.

I use it on the daily to maximize all the good stuff and release all that prevents me from experiencing my highest good. It’s become so ingrained in my life, that I can’t imagine living without it.

There are many reasons to learn Reiki. Caring for ourselves on a consistent basis is the equivalent of making frequent deposits into our health accounts. Adding Reiki to any therapy, personal growth endeavor, spiritual practice, or health regime will enhance the results. Spending time devoted to your wellness can help recover worthiness and access to inner wisdom that may have been covered up by cultural conditioning or trauma.

It can also be used to clear spaces that may carry unpleasant energetic residue or rid yourself of gunk that you may have picked up from toxic encounters. In this course, we discuss how to give a loved one a treatment, and how to adapt for various situations. You don’t need to convert your guest room or buy a massage table. Children, pets, gardens, and crystals are all potential recipients, to name just a few.

This upcoming level 1 course runs on Thursday mornings in October. If you’re interested, contact me, and we’ll see if it’s a good match for you. No experience or special skills are required. All meetings will be held on Zoom.

Reiki 1 Certification

October 6, 13, 20, & 27, 2022. 10 am – noon ET.

$225 Investment. Our time together includes PDF materials, personal attunement, certificate, and plenty of time for your questions and practice.

40% off Rick Hanson’s Online Courses

I’m a big fan of Dr. Rick’s work. He’s been helping me reprogram my mind, release limiting beliefs, and develop mental/emotional resilience for several years now. I find his methods to be very accessible even though they are deeply rooted in the geekiest science.

“Whether you have a minute a day, or an hour a week, you can start releasing anxiety, changing your negative thoughts, growing the good inside, and having more calm, confidence, and joy amidst the challenges of everyday life.” Sounds fabulous, right?

Here’s the link to get the goodies. The offer is valid through midnight on September 5th. He’s based in California, so I’m guessing that’s PDT. There’s a wide variety of options, with varied investments of time and money, any of which could improve your wellbeing if you put in the effort.

Two thumbs up!

September Special: Set-it-and-Forget-it Reiki Package

A friend recently shared about the new skincare products she was considering to combat the stubborn outbreaks she’d be experiencing. When I expressed my belief that the likely culprit was intense stress due to a major life transition, her response could only be described as “dagger eyes”. 

Clearly she knew that she was stressed, teetering on overwhelm. The thought of taking action to manage said stress would only be yet another complication in her already complicated life. Simple tasks like meal planning and laundry were already emotionally draining. There was no more room on her to-do list; even for something that would be of great benefit. 

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It seemed obvious to me that buying expensive creams would not solve the problem considering that the problem was not a shortage of expensive creams. Her nervous system was overloaded from chronic stress, and sending out a cry for help via her skin. Other folks might get messages from digestive issues, headaches or migraines, insomnia or other symptoms of imbalance. Given that treating stress is my forte, I developed a plan. 

Reiki is a brilliant strategy for just this sort of thing. Not only does it relieve stress, tension, and pain, but also saturates the body in healing life-force energy, bolstering whatever systems have become depleted. Even better, it can be performed remotely, eliminating the need to show up for any more appointments. Clients don’t need to even make time in their busy schedules. How cool is that?!

I came up with a plan to offer 30 minute bursts of Reiki on a weekly basis, to be done on my part during working hours, but to be delivered when she was retired for the evening. (Yes, Reiki delivery can be scheduled in advance, just like Grubhub!) I frequently use this strategy to maximize efficacy by setting up the session during a time of maximum receptivity, often after the client has gone to bed. 

I created an 8-pack special so she could have consistent treatment over two months. Reversing the effects chronic stress can take time, especially when it is ongoing. It’s like trying to get out of debt without curbing spending; challenging but not impossible. It’s a matter of making more deposits than withdrawals. In this case we’d be making weekly deposits into her life-force energy account. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or burnt out and unable to see your way through, a remote Reiki treatment series might be just the thing. It’s like a subscribe-and-save deal for wellness. Contact me to see if your goals are a good match for this program. It’s the most affordable package I offer; 8 treatments for the price of 7. I provide a weekly reminder and an opportunity to amend the session’s intentions. If you can’t or don’t wish to respond, I carry on with the intention we discussed at the beginning of our arrangement. You sit back (or not!) and do nothing but soak up the energy. 

Set-it-and-Forget-it Reiki, a strategy for the chaotic modern world. Like many of the special treatments I offer, it was born of necessity. I see a need and a strategy to meet that need organically unfolds. Eight 30-minute remote Reiki sessions, designed to be delivered weekly at the time that suits you best without any effort on your part. $350 if purchased by the end of September 2022.