Time Release Reiki

Lately I’ve been sharing a lot about long distance Reiki, especially since the premature birth of my twin niece and nephew 30oo miles away. The healing power of Reiki is not limited to my immediate vicinity; so it’s not necessary to be in the same room, state, or even country of the person being treated. Don’t get me wrong, the warmth and intimacy of a hands-on session is truly delightful. I try to receive one myself at least once a month, preferably two or even three times. But the beauty is, it’s just not necessary. Reiki is activated by intention, and students who have received the level 2 attunement are gifted with a sacred symbol that allows them to transmit energy to anywhere they desire, provided the recipient is willing.

Another aspect of the long-distance symbol is the power to send healing energy to different points in time. This is an extremely powerful technique for healing old traumas to body, psyche, or soul. For instance, I sometimes find myself triggered by an event in my life that is really quite trivial, but reminds me of a difficult time in my childhood when I felt powerless or alone. This is a great opportunity for me to notice that what’s happening now is not really the issue, that I’m really reacting to something that happened 3o years ago, and an emotional melt down is completely inappropriate in the here and now. During these times, I excuse myself as quickly as possible, and retreat to a quiet, safe place and take a few moments to channel distance healing to the original injury. I can actually sense my younger self relaxing into the knowingness that she is being cared for and that all is truly well.

I also use the tool for sending Reiki to the future, both for myself and my clients. If people have difficulty sleeping, for example, I can program the energy to visit them at night when they most need support. Also, if someone has a challenging exam, a court date, a medical procedure, or even a difficult conversation planned it is possible to send them healing at that specific time. Actually, Reiki can be used for the event itself, as well as the person. So, I can activate the symbol, intend to send Reiki to my friend’s surgery (which will actually encompass all aspects of the procedure, the staff, the equipment, the complete environment) as well as my friend. So if this surgery is happening next Thursday at 2:00 and I have something else scheduled at that time, I can set it all up now, and “be there” energetically for support.

What’s truly spectacular is that anyone can do this! I have no special innate gifts that make me a born healer. I simply took the classes and practiced. A lot!  While it’s true that the purer one’s vibration and intention, the more powerful the treatment, the day after my Reiki 2 class, I was using this technique successfully. Most definitely the results have improved over time with my experience and devotion to spiritual growth, but that’s just the icing on the cake! Imagine a world where more and more people spent time each day devoted to helping their loved ones heal. Imagine the implications of sharing this energy with the people in your life who need support as well as receiving support from those same people when you need it. Imagine contributing to the Reiki World Peace Meditation organized each month by the International Center for Reiki Training and joining practitioners around the world envisioning  peace for us all. If this imagining creates a joyful feeling in your heart, consider seeking out a Reiki Master Teacher in your area and get started on your pathway to service.


Reiki for Babies

Last week I became an aunt, for the first time ever. My twin niece and nephew were born twelve full weeks before their due date (under the sign of Taurus, rather than Leo; I’m still trying to understand the implications of that!). These darlings are now being cared for by the wonderful staff at a NICU in Philadelphia, while I reside in California. I have plans to visit after the due date, which means that for the next several months, 3,000 miles lie between us. Geographic miles, that is. As a Reiki Master, I am fully aware that when it comes to energy work, distance is but an illusion.

I’ve been sending long distance Reiki to the twins since their conception. Generally speaking, it’s necessary to ask for permission to send healing energy to anybody as we never wish to interfere (nor are we actually able to) with their free will. In this case, and in cases where the recipient is unconscious or otherwise unresponsive, it is possible to ask their spirits for permission. As Reiki is divinely guided, it will never do harm, and once sent, it is then up to the receiver’s spirit to allow it, regulate the flow, or decline it. So far the baby girl has been wide open to receiving, and the boy a bit hesitant, but he’s coming around gradually.

I decided to share my involvement with my brother. As a former Marine, and current administrator, the realm of metaphysics is rather unfamiliar to him. As the father of two premature babies, he is willing to explore all possible resources for his children. (I’m secretly hoping that he’ll let me attune him when I visit so that he can provide hands-on Reiki often.) He asked me a rather perceptive question that really caused me to think. Do babies receive the same intensity level of Reiki treatments as adults? I’d never actually thought of it this way. As I said earlier, Reiki is divinely guided, so it can never do harm, and each person receives exactly as much as they need.

Still, I began to wonder if babies get a muted dosage of healing energy because of their tiny size. I immediately had a distinct knowing-ness that this is not the case. When I get this sensation deep in my core about an idea, I’ve learned that it is not my mind communicating with me, but rather my Higher Self, the part of me that remains connected to the divine. Babies are able to receive more. Their innocence and purity keeps their vibration at such a high level that the incoming energy feels familiar to them. Their egos have not yet developed, they have no sense of undeserving-ness, and therefore no resistance to receiving. Their minds do not get in the way questioning the methods or results, and their hearts have not been guarded or tarnished by painful experiences. I imagine that to them, it is the most natural thing in the world to be bathed in the healing light of God’s love and divine protection. These tiny creatures, barely one week old, eleven weeks prior to their due date, have taught me the most amazing lesson. Our essence is the same pure consciousness as this healing light. It always has been, and always will be. It’s just that we have forgotten. Now is the time to remember.


Reiki, It’s Not Just For Other People!

A friend of mine recently informed me that she had hurt her knee playing sports. She was calling to cancel our plans to try out a new dance class that night, and instead wanted to rest, ice the injury, and elevate her leg. The massage therapist within me applauded her efforts at covering all the best remedial bases. The Reiki Master within blurted out, “Did you Reiki it?” This is my primary and immediate response to every unplanned event in my life. Mosquito bite? Reiki! Dating mishap? Reiki! Bicycle accident? Reiki, Reiki, Reiki!!! After a short pause, she replied, “No. I think of Reiki as something for other people.” I gently suggested that while she was practicing good self-care for her physical self, that she add some energetic healing to the mix for accelerated recovery.

Well, she did, and her condition was improved enough to not cause her to cancel a camping trip, and several days later, the pain was completely gone. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of self-treatment. Not a day goes by that I don’t use Reiki for myself several times. Before I even get out of bed, I thank the Divine Creator for another day, a good night’s sleep, and my own life. I send Reiki to any achy parts or emotional discord, and also send Reiki to the rest of my day to ease any upcoming stress or difficulties. I Reiki my teapot as I turn it on,  moisturizer as I apply it to my face, and whichever crystals I decide to wear that day for therapy. I Reiki my breakfast as I prepare it, my yoga mat as I unroll it, my shower filter as I undress. Let’s not forget my water bottle, the watering can I use for my plants, my vehicle, my laptop, my cell phone. I’m not joking! Everything in my life gets blessed on a regular basis.

Sometimes I get caught up in the busy-ness of my daily life and temporarily forget my connection to Reiki. I haven’t lost it, as that’s impossible, but I do become unaware. It is in these moments that anxiety or irritation creeps in, that I find myself rushing and break a dish or stub my toe, or yel profanitiesl at my computer. Fortunately I am so tuned in to my emotions and mindful of the guidance system they offer, that when I find myself feeling less than peaceful, joyful, and loving; I know I have forgotten my truth. I have forgotten that My Essence is the Light of Pure Consciousness and that I have the power to channel Divine Love whenever I wish. Every time I wake up to this delicious fact, it just takes a moment to set the intention to return to Reiki awareness, and boom! I’m back in the flow. This is the reward for anyone who wishes to become attuned to Reiki; the connection to this healing, spiritually guided energy is always available to us, no matter what. We just need to remember to connect to what is already, and eternally, there.

Thank Heavens for Long Distance Reiki!

Yesterday, my twin niece and nephew arrived in this world. They are the first of the next generation, and apparently so anxious to join us, that they came twelve weeks early. They are getting the best medical care at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. I have no doubt that the doctors and nurses there are doing everything within their power to keep them safe. Yet I know that the artificial environment in any hospital along with the toxic energy of fear and worry is not ideal for any being, let alone precious babies who weigh less than 3 lbs each.

Thank heavens for Reiki, the healing energy of divine love. An even bigger thanks for the long distance Reiki symbol that allows me to transmit healing energy to these darlings from my own home in California. (I jokingly call it the faraway app.) Level 2 students are attuned to a sacred symbol that allows them to direct the flow of Reiki to anywhere, or anywhen. I often use it to send healing to a time in the past when a trauma was experienced or to an expected difficult situation (such as an exam or surgery) in the future. The long distance symbol can also be used to send healing to the oceans, the planet, or war zones.

Please note that it cannot, however, be used to get your philandering boyfriend to become faithful or your uncle to stop smoking. Reiki never interferes with a person’s free will and does not ever manipulate anyone’s behavior. But in times of emergency, it is possible to contact the higher self of an individual for permission. This is how I got the go-ahead from the twins- their eternal spirits are willing recipients. Their mother has asked for healing and prayers in the past, so she is fair game as well. I have contacted my friends and the larger Reiki community to ask for their support. As you might imagine, they are eager to help.

The limits of time and space are but an illusion. Energy is not bound by location nor a calendar, and divine healing energy most certainly has the capacity to go where and when it is needed. I feel truly blessed to have the skill and understanding to be of service to my family even though I am unable to be physically present. I can only imagine how frustrated and powerless I’d be feeling right now if I had never been introduced to this miraculous treatment. What’s even more amazing is that anyone and everyone can learn to do this. Yes, the power of a treatment is amplified with practice and experience; and the higher the consciousness and vibration of practitioner, the stronger the flow of energy. Given that information, there is no time like the present to contact a Reiki Master Teacher in your area and begin your training soon. The world will be a better place if you do.

“You’re the Expert!”

“You’re the expert.” I must admit, I love to hear my clients say this. They schedule a massage with a goal in mind, yet are able to let go and allow me; a skilled, trained, and experienced therapist to create the strategy to get there. They are acknowledging that someone who has devoted years of their life to studying a practice will hopefully have more insight than “push really hard here, where it hurts.” Because if that’s all there was to releasing stress and tension, all the sweethearts and spouses that have been enrolled to help their loved ones would have certainly eradicated many of the tight muscles by now. Clearly that has not been happening.

And that’s what brings folks to a professional. That’s what causes them to dig deep into their tight budgets to fund a healing treatment. What they’ve been trying at home just isn’t helping; not in any sustainable way. So they ask for help, hoping that the therapist will have some knowledge, intuitive guidance, or practical experience that goes beyond the primitive idea that enough pressure on one or two knots will solve the problem. Well, we do! Our training enables us to understand that the body works as a unit, and that pain indicates an imbalance in the team of muscles and joints. We understand the holistic nature of bodywork, and know how to find the cause of discomfort rather than merely focusing on the symptoms.

This is one case in which the customer is not always right. As a client of massage therapy, you get to choose the style of treatment that you desire (Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, sports, etc) and the area you wish to focus on, as well as request any modifications that are necessary for your comfort. From there on, it’s best to keep an open mind and surrender your preconceived notions. It is highly suggested that you remember that the trained professional you have hired knows how to proceed in an effective and efficient way. Learn to let go, relax, and trust and you will maximize the benefits of your session.

Reiki for Hot Flashes

I’ve never endured a hot flash personally, but many of my clients experience this annoyance on a regular basis. Sleep is disturbed, equanimity is eradicated, routines are interrupted, and sometimes relationships deteriorate. Yes, it’s true that hot flashes are a common side effect of menopause and perimenopause.  However, it doesn’t mean that all women are doomed to suffer hopelessly and indefinitely. A return to equilibrium is possible, and Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful, technique for getting there.

Stress is a widely accepted trigger, and the relaxing effects of a Reiki treatment are a potent cure. I see the relaxation response as multifaceted. When our bodies are inundated with stress, muscles tense and circulation is impaired. Toxins accumulate in the tissues and over time all bodily systems function with less and less efficiency. Chronic stress also upsets the hormonal balance in a woman’s body as excess stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol run amok. Hormonal imbalance is another common trigger for hot flashes. Creating a relaxing environment and bathing the senses and nervous system in healing, soothing energy offers a much welcomed remedy.

A Reiki treatment can easily be tailored to target the liver (which cleanses the blood and helps to regulate hormones) so that it is more available to handle fluctuations in estrogen.  Focus on the ovaries is also an important strategy. Traditional hand positions will cover these areas, and the practitioner may choose to linger there if guided to do so. Balancing the chakras is also helpful and serves to reduce excess heat in the system. I am often lead to stimulate the liver meridian acupressure points and the liver and ovary reflex points on the feet for added benefit. I’m amazed at the power of Reiki to clear blockages throughout the entire system.

Naturally it is important to follow a doctor’s advice when dealing with any health issue. Reducing caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol intake are general recommendations for decreasing hot flashes, along with moderate exercise and cessation of smoking. Releasing addictions, cultivating well-being and overall health, and nurturing lifestyle changes can all be supported with divinely guided life- force energy that is channeled through a Reiki treatment. Obviously these changes take time and diligent effort. A series of sessions will most likely be needed to assist a client through these shifts and to maintain the delicate beginnings of new habits. My clients report that the relief they experience, the improved quality of sleep, the elimination of extreme irritability, and the freedom from symptoms is completely worth the investment. There really is non-invasive, side-effect free help available for hot flashes. You don’t have to suffer any longer. Allow your intuition to guide you to a practitioner and invite balance into your life today.

You Can’t Force Connection

One of my dearest friends came to receive a Reiki treatment from me last week. This woman is one of the most empowered, self- motivated, passionate, and compassionate people I have ever met. Being in the same room with her is a cross between grandma’s baked cookies and sunbathing on a tropical beach. It’s just delicious. The fact that she enjoys and appreciates my work is the ultimate compliment.

We talked for quite some time before the hands-on portion of the treatment. I find that active listening and empathic connection beforehand amplifies the energy. She wanted clarity about changes in her life and also support to focus on solutions rather problems. I really enjoy helping people fine-tune their intentions to get the most from a session. Also, it really helps me decide on a loose treatment plan, which generally morphs into something else entirely, but I am always guided on how to begin based on each client’s words.

I was lead to do chakra balancing to enhance the connection between her being and the world at large. It is quite common for me to be guided to do this with my clients. No doubt I am influenced by my own fascination with the chakra system and my reverence for the potency of this work. As I reached the crown chakra, I noticed an intense resistance. I had never felt anything quite like this and it captured my attention immediately. Her other energy centers had responded to the Reiki with opening and acceptance. I was perplexed.

Then I remembered that my friend is agnostic. She is unsure of the presence of a divine being in this world. The crown chakra is the location where our connection to God originates. It makes perfect sense that her crown would react with suspicion (her word, not mine!) I immediately dropped this course of action. Clearly her spirit was not interested in having an open crown chakra and it certainly is not my place to override her wishes. I don’t actually think I could have won this battle if I had tried. Reiki can do no harm and must be willingly accepted. I do suspect that if I had continued, there would have been some dissonance, possibly even some kick-back. Not for her, but for me.

Once again, the wisdom of Reiki has impressed me. It is truly divinely guided life force energy. And it always knows exactly what each person needs.