FREE Distance Reiki Offering

Recent events have been extremely difficult for many of us to digest. The news has been especially traumatizing, and old wounds have been ripped open. Emotional pain has been brought to the surface and deep wells of anger have been exposed. It’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless about the state of the world, and while that’s understandable, it’s a recipe for brewing disease and discomfort.

On Friday, October 12, 2018 at 10:30 AM, EDT, I will send Reiki to all those who wish to receive. You don’t need to do anything except send me a message and let me know you’d like to be included. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, as long as there is an openness to receiving.


Given my desire to do something, anything, to help alleviate pain, I turn once again to the gentle power of Reiki healing energy. Reiki can help us process and integrate experiences and emotions so they don’t fester within. It can provide the insight and motivation to take appropriate action. It can help reconnect us with Spirit and remember that no matter our histories, we are not broken or damaged beyond repair. We are much, much more than the traumas we have survived.

Acknowledging and releasing physical, mental, or emotional trauma is a necessary step in the healing process. Spiritually guided life-force energy is a loving, holistic tool that can help us tap into our inner resilience and intuition. If you’re struggling emotionally and would like to receive some healing, I invite you to message me. It’s not necessary to share any details that you don’t want to; it’s only necessary to be willing to receive this healing energy for your highest good.

For those who have difficulty asking for support, know that you will be helping me to feel helpful! Saying yes to this invitation is actually a gift to me.  🙂


In the spirit of celebrating all the successes, I’m thrilled to report that this week I was able to do a yoga pose that I haven’t been able to do all year because of a knee injury. Sure, it’s a simple pose requiring no particularly skill, strength, or flexibility- child’s pose. It’s one of my all time favorites as I find it super soothing and relaxing. I’m feeling victorious because in my mind, it’s a marker of how much mobility I’ve gained without any invasive interventions.

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So what’s my secret? Patience. Listening to what my body is telling me. Acceptance. Slowing down. Compassion. I think of my 4 year old niece, and I don’t say anything to myself that I wouldn’t say to her. Would I tell that cutie to suck it up, to push through, no pain/no gain?! Absolutely not! Why would I treat my own sacred self with any less caring? Kindness is my secret. Pretty radical, huh?

I’ve also been using all the holistic tools at my disposal.

I’ve been practicing gentle, mindful yoga daily and receiving tons of Reiki healing energy. I am blessed to have an awesome massage therapist who gives me an amazing treatment twice each month. I keep hydrated and (mostly) stick to an anti-inflammatory diet. I’m taking a super quality multi-vitamin, glucosamine chondroitin, and MSM supplements.

I continue to go hiking because it feeds my spirit to be in the woods by the creek, but I keep it simple and light so as to not experience another setback as I did in the spring. I get plenty of rest and pay attention when my knee twinges, reminding me to take it easy. And I’ve become a master at tuning out the well-meaning, but harmful words that others share about a torn meniscus never healing. Pffft!

Curiously during this time of healing, I’ve been working with a woman who is about to undergo surgery for a congenital, degenerative condition. She’s following much the same protocol to prepare herself for an optimal outcome and minimal discomfort and recovery time. I am confident she will also be victorious.

The message I’m so eager to share is that despite diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment plan there are so many choices we can make on a daily basis to support our own health and well-being. As with every project, we begin wherever we are today by taking the first step. Won’t you join us?



Massage Day!!!

On the day I’m scheduled to receive a massage, I wake up feeling like this.

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Yesterday, I woke up feeling like this. Overall, a little stiff, somewhat fatigued, world-weary, and a tad depleted. I give my all to my clients and I’m working with a knee injury, doing a dietary detox, and struggling through a hot and sticky summer in an urban environment. Yes, my life is full of blessings and I count them daily. But over time, I get worn down and need a reboot.

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Later today, after receiving nurturing, healing touch while melting into deep relaxation and having my energy patterns reset, I can look forward to feeling like this.

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I could use a lot of words to describe the physiological and mental/emotional impact of a bodywork session from a gifted and caring professional, but I think these images convey greater meaning. I bet many of you can relate.

Full Tank

I’m noticing a tremendous improvement in the quality of my life as I begin each day with Reiki. I fill up my tank with healing energy every morning, which gives me the juice I need to honor my value of showing up in every moment with gratitude, kindness, and non-judgment. I’ve become more accustomed to feeling joyful and remembering my wholeness, which allows me to quickly notice when I’m out of alignment.

The moment I begin to blame, criticize, judge, or disapprove of myself or another, I can feel my mood begin to plummet. I recognize this as a warning that I’m leaking my precious life-force energy and disconnecting from my True Self, my sense of purpose, and my divine mission to be a loving presence on this planet. The fuller my tank, the easier it seems to be to notice when I get off track.

The fuller my tank, the more I have to share with those who cross my path. Rather than offering up my last crumb, I’m able to give from the overflow of my ki (life-force energy), knowing it can easily be replenished from an unlimited source. When I’m running low on ki, I’m no good to anyone and my crankiness can only bring others down. Just like the airline attendants have been telling us for decades: put your own mask on first, and then you’ll be better able to assist your neighbors.

Reiki is but one of countless ways to energize myself. I find creative expression and time spent in nature to be almost as uplifting. Yoga, dance, music, prayer, inspirational reading, video chats with my niece and nephews, preparing and enjoying meals made from whole foods (meaning real/unprocessed food, not the store!), connecting with kindred folk, and being of service to my community all contribute to my sense of fullness. So can simply sitting on the porch while enjoying a cup of tea, the birdsong, and a gentle breeze.

It seems to me that it doesn’t matter how we fill up, only that we do it frequently. What I love about Reiki is the ease and simplicity, as well as the fact that it’s always available, no matter where I am, what time it is, or what I’m doing. Anyone can learn Reiki in a short period of time and have access to this healing energy for a lifetime. If you’re interested in experiencing this seemingly magical gift, I’m here to help.


Free at Last!

I just finished a session with a client who has been coming for massage monthly for the past two years. When we began, she could barely turn her neck and was experiencing throbbing pain on a daily basis. She works in a high-power, high-stress corporate job that demands long hours sitting at the computer, and isn’t interested in changing that. Today she reported that since her last appointment, she was symptom free for 24 days, felt some tension in the trouble zone for the past four days, but zero pain all month.


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I’m not saying this to toot my own horn. I’m sure she could have had similar results with many other therapists. My intention here is to offer hope to those who endure chronic pain that results from lifestyles or careers that they wish to learn to cope with. In this case, a more ergonomic work station, biweekly yoga classes, and a monthly massage (and beneath all that, the commitment to actually follow through) were all it took to cross the threshold from out-of-balance to close-enough-balance.

I think we all have such a tipping point.

Mine is a daily yoga and Reiki practice, bimonthly massage, and a receiving a monthly Reiki session from a colleague. I’m working with some chronic issues, plus a car-less lifestyle, and a physically demanding job; so my maintenance program needs to be more thorough than most people’s. It’s totally worth it to avoid that irritating point underneath my left scapula or the dull ache in my lower back that have plagued me for decades.

I have another client who has been able to reduce her headaches from three times per week to once or twice per month after getting into a monthly massage routine. And a dentist client who had disturbingly- painful, career- threatening elbow pain and finger numbness who is nearly symptom free.

Managing stress is a huge component of optimizing our health and well-being. Most of us regularly partake of activities or substances that are less than ideal for our bodies. Most of us are pulled in a thousand different directions at a hundred miles an hour, coasting on too little sleep. We have overstimulated fight, flight, or freeze responses and repetitive movement patterns that create wear and tear on our joints. Rather than succumbing to the natural results of these imbalances, we can take action to counteract them.

It’s never too late to start returning to wellness. Every journey begins with the first step.

Healer, Heal Thyself Update

It’s been nearly two months since I posted about my journey of using alternative, holistic medicine to heal a knee injury. I am being super careful about keeping the joint aligned (twisting is that action that hurts), but otherwise not really applying myself to using all the tools in my arsenal. I suppose you could say I’ve fallen into complacent acceptance. I altered my behavior to avoid pain and went about my business.

I’ve learned to modify my home yoga practice to avoid deep flexion of the knee (alas, that includes child’s pose, one of my all-time favorites!) and several other postures that aggravated the injury, and now allow myself plenty of time to get where I’m going so I don’t add the stress of rushing to my compromised state. I continue to get lots of bodywork and have been massaging my own calves with a softball several times each week.

This probably could have gone on indefinitely as I rarely had pain and the occasional twinge served as a reminder to be more mindful. But then… I went hiking. How could I not? Spring in the northeast is gloriously beautiful and soon enough the heat and humidity will be oppressive and I will be hiding inside. Unfortunately the rocky terrain led to twisting movements in the knee joint. I will also confess to consuming an excess amount of sugar over the past few weeks, which I know causes inflammation and irritates my joints, even those in the healthiest state. Not a brilliant combination at all. 😦



Next time I’ll just go sit by the water and enjoy the vibes without re-injuring myself!

So I’m applying the motivation to prevent further discomfort and my recent learning to my new healing plan. Coming up soon will be a full on 4 week cleanse based on the book “Clean” by Dr. Alejandro Junger to eliminate inflammation. I’ve done this twice before and recognize that the rewards are spectacular. I notice an improvement in digestion, sleep, mood, skin, and mobility that is simply incomparable.

I’ve started formally applying the knowledge I gained from “The Intention Experiment” every morning, by actively visualizing the enjoyable activities I will explore once I am fully healed. If you’re skeptical about the healing power of the mind, this book goes heavily into documented experiments- quantum physics and such. It was a bit too science-y for me, but as a believer I’m not in need of proof . If you’re questioning the validity of the potency of intention, I suspect this book will change your mind.

And my newest, and perhaps funnest toy: sound healing. I took a class last week about the amazing effects of vibrations on our molecular structure. “The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing” by Jonathan Goldman is an amazing resource, and completely accessible to beginners. I’ve always known that music has a healing quality, but I have a much greater appreciation for it now. I’ve discovered YouTube videos with specific frequencies for healing knees! I’m listening to one now.

The great thing about holistic medicine is the absence of harmful side effects. Some people might be rolling their eyes at the seeming lack of action that I’m taking in the healing process, but it’s impossible to suggest that there will be any dangerous repercussions to my plan. Shamans and healers have been using these tools for thousands of years with incredible benefits. That gives me great hope. Knowing there will be no damage done (to body, mind, or spirit) gives me tremendous relief. Together, this provides the inspiration I need to keep up with my practices. Onwards!

Map for Self-Healing

Holistic health is a journey with numerous twists and turns. For many of us it includes finding body-mind-spirit balance in a world that idolizes the mind, abuses the body, and ignores the spirit. As I choose to cultivate wellness more and more frequently, I am rewarded with greater physical comfort, more peace and calm, enhanced productivity, and a deeper sense of connection with my true self and life purpose. This encourages me to forge onward, despite a glaring lack of support from society at large.

So… I did a Reiki healing attunement for myself the other evening. This is a technique for removing blockages which prevent the arrival of desired goals. It’s very powerful, and sometimes disruptive as it can demand changes in belief systems and lifestyle to support the healing intention. It’s very much about re-establishing balance; therefore we need to eliminate the activities that create imbalance. All. Of. Them. (Chances are you already know what they are!)

I asked to release a pattern that has plagued me my entire adult life. Afterwards, I was gifted with a series of dreams that displayed in brilliant array the negative thought patterns that prevent me from receiving my petition. I am now abundantly clear that I’ve been given a road map: If I want to go to Point X, I must relinquish these false beliefs that derail me, and I’ll make better time if I stop wasting my energy on judgments and criticisms. All. Of. Them!

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Now it’s up to me to follow through. It’s no easy job to recognize that your own thoughts are what obstruct you from going where you want to go! And certainly no easier to break mental habits that have developed over decades. But it’s the route to my success, so you’d better believe I’m going to give it my all!

The work to be done is entirely internal. There is no book, no class, no pill (herbal or pharmaceutical!), no therapy, no alternative treatment or practitioner, no exercise that can do this for me. I’ve been given a road map to my personal healing, and now it’s up to me to reprogram my mind with compassion, persistence, and awareness. Then I can get started on my journey with a new, accurate guidance system. Onward!

Contact me if you’re interested in your own personal healing map. Reiki can help you navigate it.