Immune System Support

During this challenging time of pandemic panic, social distancing, and various degrees of lockdown, it’s more important than ever to keep the immune system strong. From a Reiki perspective, that means boosting ki, or life-force energy, the essential ingredient of vitality and health.

Sunshine, nature, fresh air, hydration, creativity, gratitude and embodiment practices, movement, nutritious meals, and joy are simple techniques to boost our ki. If you’d like a super-boost, Reiki is just the thing!

Even better, Reiki can be practiced remotely, also called long-distance healing. It’s the perfect remedy for this global situation as it allows clients to receive a treatment from the safety and comfort of home. Whether you’re sick and quarantined, at-risk, or simply taking recommended precautions, you can benefit from remote Reiki.

You can schedule a 60 minute treatment by contacting me and I will reach out to collect the information I need- your name, location, intention, and a photo. You have the option of spreading out the treatment in 10 minute bursts over the next six days, or receiving it all in one go at my next available slot, usually within the next 24 hours, excepting Sundays. Easy online payment through PayPal or Venmo.