Massage & Healthy Aging

Pain is not an inevitable result of aging. It can be, however, the direct result of muscle imbalance, which can derive from postural habits, exercise regimes, and repetitive movements. The simple fact that most Americans spend much of the day sitting is in itself enough to promote imbalance. The vast majority of my clients have strong, tight muscles on the front of their bodies, and overstretched, painful muscles in the back. (I imagine the fellow in this photo does too!)



The classic example is that spot between the shoulder blades that most of us have experienced at one time or another. It ranges from irritating to debilitating despite nobel attempts to mash it with various devices. The thing is, this pain doesn’t respond to mashing because it’s the symptom of a muscular imbalance that generally originates with the pectorals and anterior deltoids- the chest and front of the shoulders. Once these muscles are treated, the pain subsides organically as the shoulder joint settles into alignment.

We might notice this type of pain more as we get older, but it’s the result of being out of balance for longer, and the accumulating compensation techniques and uneven wear on our joints; not the direct effect of aging. The more we abuse, misuse, and neglect our bodies, the more they cry out for mercy. Decades of ignoring these messages, or suppressing them with pain killers takes a toll eventually.

Yet there is hope! A skillful bodyworker can help return the body to balance by treating the cause rather than the symptoms. As the muscles reset and the structure realigns itself, the circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic, and digestive systems are supported and posture improves. I’m often able to help people who suffer from arthritis and impinged nerves simply by taking strain off of the joints. As we learn to rely on the skeleton for support, the muscles are no longer working so hard to keep us upright and we gain freedom of movement.

I’m delighted to help people enjoy a life with less pain. Generally after a few sessions and a bit of coaching, my clients experience greater quality of life, more mobility, improved productivity, creativity, mood, and relationships. It’s amazing how pain relief can improve so many areas of our lives! There’s no need to suffer any more. Contact me now and we can arrange a complementary 15 minute phone consultation.