Pamela’s Massage

Pamela’s massage includes many typical massage techniques but is much, much more than a typical massage! It is a transformative path to relaxation and wellness. It is not an ordinary session which goes through the motions of a generalized routine. Pamela endeavors to integrate the whole being; including muscles, joints, fascia, meridians, chakras, the nervous, immune, and glandular systems; as well as the energetic, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Pamela’s unique style is based in Swedish massage. She uses organic oil and long, flowing strokes, compressions, positional release, and pressure point stimulation to melt tension, stress, and pain. She blends in a wide variety of techniques as guided by intuition and each client’s individual needs. The overall result is a feeling of deep serenity and restoration. Bodywork is more complex than simply pressing hard on a tense muscle. Structural imbalances often create pain; Pamela seeks out the cause of the imbalance to produce lasting results.

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In addition to the unique holistic approach Pamela provides, she believes in the power of compassion and treating the body with kindness. She has observed over thousands of sessions that muscles cannot be forced to let go of tension and therefor strives to avoid the contraction that results from the fight or flight reflex which gets triggered by even the hint of pain. While she may eventually sink deeply into the tissue, she does so skillfully and gradually to avoid hurting the client. A session with her is about inviting the relaxation response and allowing muscle tension to melt. It is truly a sublime experience!

For those who are interested, she enjoys coaching people to create lifestyle changes that better enable them to process and manage stress rather than storing it. She would love to eradicate the phrase, “I store all my tension in my…” from your vocabulary! Her philosophy is that while stress does indeed happen, our response to the stressors in life is a choice. We are not doomed to suffer ill health or moods because of difficult relationships, careers, or traffic jams; we can learn to manage stress rather than carrying it with us indefinitely. This is the key to enjoying optimal health.

While an intuitive bodywork session might look a lot like a massage, the benefits go much deeper. Addressing the whole person rather than the symptoms, proceeding with compassion and kindness, tuning in to the client’s individual needs, a finely-tuned intuitive sense, and a desire to help prevent the settling of stress into the body creates a unique experience that is profoundly nourishing. It’s never too late to start feeling better, so why not schedule a treatment today?