Virtual Reiki Sessions

I’m excited to be offering a new service: Virtual Reiki. I’ve been somewhat resistant to this unusual pairing of modern technology and ancient healing, but my perspective shifted recently. While Reiki doesn’t need a camera or microphone to be transmitted, these are tools that help bridge the gap for first-time, curious, and skeptical would-be recipients.

Over the past year I’ve come to recognize the immense value of being fully seen and heard and the comfort of knowing that someone is there for you, even if not geographically present. If using the internet and a screen helps people to receive the benefits of Reiki, then I am totally onboard.

This mode of connecting also allows me to draw on other skills that many of my in-person clients have appreciated. Compassionate listening is a gift many of us don’t often receive. During your session, you’ll have the option to spend the first 15 minutes sharing about what’s happening in your life. You’ll be heard with kindness and empathy. There will be no advising or judging as this is simply an opportunity for you to speak. I will hold space and provide Reiki while you do. After that, you will settle back and relax to receive the remainder of your treatment in silence.

If you prefer, you can simply state your desired focus at the beginning without getting into details. It’s your session, and you get to decide how the time will be used. Sometimes just speaking aloud the thoughts and feelings that are swirling inside can be powerfully healing. Other times it might feel better to keep quiet. Your choice.

Another possibility is to receive guidance on crafting an intention for your session and/or a mantra for moving forward in alignment with your intention. It’s not uncommon for clients to have a vague sense that something isn’t quite right, or an acute awareness of what is definitely wrong, but to lack clarity about what they actually want instead. I’ve often been told that my insight for tailoring the precise phrases that encompass a client’s unspoked desires is extremely useful.

If you’re already clear about your goals or don’t particularly want to address your lack of clarity, of course that’s fine as well. It’s possible to state that you’d like to receive healing for the highest good without delving into the specifics. You don’t actually need to speak at all during a treatment as Reiki is spiritually guided. It will work its magic without any direction from us humans! At the same time, if you have special requests, it can be helpful to articulate them.

For those experiencing screen fatigue, I will happily provide your session the traditional way, without any necessary technology. As I said earlier, Reiki doesn’t need it, so if you don’t either, there’s simply no reason. Long-distance sessions have been delivered since long before Zoom existed.

If you’re interested in receiving a healing treatment with or without screens, with or without compassionate listening or coaching, please reach out. An initial treatment takes about 90 minutes and costs $130. Follow up treatments are offered in 60 minute ($90), 75 minute ($110), or 90 minute ($130) segments. Many of my clients schedule sessions once or twice per month as part of their wellness plans. Others pop out of the woodwork when distressed. There’s no right or wrong way to be a Reiki client. I am here to support you and your unique needs.

Finally, if you’re not exactly sure what will serve you best, we can figure that out together when we meet. Part of the service I offer is helping people get clear about what they desire. I can’t stress this enough- your session is for you!. All you need to do is contact me to get started.