Women’s Reiki Circle

Join us for an evening of guided self-treatment for Reiki practitioners.

I’m really excited to share my unique vision of an empowering women’s Reiki circle. This format is based on the concept of filling our own tanks while witnessing and holding space for our sister practitioners. We’ll explore a blend of holistic health and spiritual growth practices such as breathwork, mantra, visualization, energy medicine, meditation, intention setting, and more!

Enjoy the benefits of coming together with like-minded women for compassionate, non-judgemental connection. I’ll lead us through a self-treatment session, layering Reiki with complimentary practices designed to:

  • enhance relaxation and pleasure
  • maximize health and wellness
  • cultivate joy, peace, and harmony
  • tap into our own inner wisdom
  • release stuck emotions and false beliefs
  • uncover an innate sense of worthiness and wholeness
  • access and integrate feminine power and creativity
  • love and accept ourselves unconditionally

Sounds wonderful, right? These are all goals within the scope of a daily self-care practice. My hope is to offer inspiration for your journey. Coming together can amplify the energy and provide additional support. I’d love to see you there!

$20 suggested donation, cash only. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Reiki 1 training is the only prerequisite for attending.

Contact Pamela for the next gathering date or with any questions or concerns.

At our first gathering in June, we adopted the Sisterhood Manifesto as the platform for our practice. I’m not affiliated with The Awakening Women’s Institute (yet!) but do admire their work. We accepted an agreement of confidentiality, no fixing one another (there’s nothing to fix!), no advising, no hiding, and no apologizing for our feelings or our tears.

Then we applied Reiki and a variety of tools to boost our individual intentions, facing each level of resistance along the way. This is the practice- showing up, acknowledging what is real in the moment, accepting our truth with kindness, and applying Reiki. We will continue to gather on a monthly basis to work through the layers.