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Cancellation Policy: To avoid the full session charge, all appointment changes and cancellations require a minimum of 24-hours notice. This is not a punishment! Same day changes and no-shows are more than just an inconvenience- they are a direct hit to my livelihood. This policy offers protection to me, a small business owner, who would be challenged to stay afloat without it. 24 hours’ notice offers a possibility that another client will be able to fill your spot.

If you find yourself in a jam and won’t be able to make your in-person appointment, I can offer you a long-distance Reiki treatment instead; it’s the perfect solution to illness and family emergencies. It will help you find the strength, courage, and clarity to navigate whatever you’re facing. 

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to predict your availability to this degree of accuracy, I have two suggestions: a backup buddy standing by to take over your appointment or communicating with me about potential same-day bookings.


  • Initial treatment: For your very first session, I suggest choosing a 90 minute treatment so we can talk about all your needs and goals. If this isn’t doable for any reason, choose the option that works best for you.
  • 60 minute treatment: $100.
  • 75 minute treatment: $125.
  • 90 minute treatment: $150.

Hours, by appointment only

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 11-5
  • Wednesday and Friday 1-7

Gift Certificates

Need a gift for a loved one, teacher, neighbor, or colleague? Do you think they would benefit from relaxation and healing touch? Would they enjoy a gentle massage, Reiki energy healing or a Reiki-massage session? If so, I would be delighted to take wonderful care of your special person!

You can order eGift cards online by clicking here. You’ll pay with credit card, and they’ll receive an email alerting them of your awesome generosity.