Your Healing Session

Remote Reiki

Remote Reiki is an incredibly powerful modality that allows you to receive healing energy from the comfort of your own space without the hassle of travel. I usually find these treatments to be more powerful than hands-on sessions as I can more easily connect with the blueprint of the energetic system and access the root cause of imbalances.

In-person Reiki

In-person Reiki sessions are slightly different. Clients remove shoes, belts, clunky jewelry, and any restrictive items but remain fully clothed. We’ll get you situated on the table in a way that is comfortable for you. I’m well versed in adapting to accommodate special needs. I’ll gently place my hands in a variety of positions on or above your body, allowing this spiritually-guided life-force energy to flow into your system. Clients often report feeling lighter and relaxed, but energized afterwards.


Reiki-massage sessions are just what they sound like. I blend the techniques of soothing, nurturing, gentle Swedish massage, a variety of other gentle forms of bodywork, and the healing power of Reiki. Clients get undressed to their comfort level and get between the sheets while I step out of the room. Based on the intention that we created together at the beginning, what I sense from the body, and the intuitive guidance I receive, I mix massage (think squeezing and rubbing muscles) with Reiki hand positions (stationary touch) for a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating experience. It’s a good option for folks who want to try Reiki but are unwilling to give up the experience of the familiar bodywork.


I’ve known Pamela since 2002 when, as a massage student, she studied Reiki 1 and 2 from me in Santa Fe. In 2007 I found myself in the delightful position of once again living in the same town as Pamela–this time, in Monterey, CA. I quickly recognized the opportunity of having her so close by and received weekly massages from her for the 6 months I lived there. I still tell everyone that “the best massage therapist in the world” lives in Monterey (now Philadelphia!), and it’s Pamela. Since I left Monterey, she’s also become certified to the Reiki Master Teacher level, which means her healing energy has exponentially grown! I highly recommend Pamela for relaxation, healing and therapeutic massage.

Laura Bruno; Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Soul Reader, author and artist

The feeling of calm that I experience as I receive long-distance Reiki is one of my favorite aspects of receiving it. As I lie there in a quiet space away from the craziness of my everyday life, I can literally feel a change take place in my body. The added beauty is that the refreshed feeling and energy stays with me as I go back into my “real world”.”

Michelle, mother, wife, professional dance teacher

I am a Certified Massage Therapist myself and hands down, Pamela is one of the best massage therapists I have had the pleasure of receiving bodywork from. Her intuitive and therapeutic work is outstanding and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking a profound healing experience.  I have come to her with a myriad of physical issues including severe lower back pain and stiff neck and she worked miracles for releasing tightness and relieving sore muscles. I always stand up from her table feeling transformed, Pamela is truly an exceptional therapist!”

Heather, massage therapist

Seriously, get yourself some Reiki! One delicious hour receiving Reiki magic with Master Pamela Hipp; I asked her to focus on strengthening my intuition and heart. As she redirected energy throughout my body, I experience a swirling around my 3rd eye center so dramatic I thought my physical body was undulating with the energy flow. Intense awareness along my spinal column was the only sensation as my limbs “disappeared” and I dipped out of consciousness. I awoke to such CLARITY and LOVE. She told me that my intuition feels ignored and neglected and I need to listen more clearly if I want to hear my inner voice. Sound advice, friend. I love Reiki. I love Pamela. I love Magic Healing.

Ana Poirier, Yoga teacher, Holistic Nutritionist