Reiki Tribe

Welcome to Reiki Tribe, support specifically cultivated for folks who practice Reiki. If you’ve been attuned to Reiki 1 or beyond, you are welcome here. It doesn’t matter how long ago you were initiated or how infrequently you may have practiced. Reiki is a lifetime membership that can always be enhanced through attention and intention. There are no penalties for prolonged absence.

I especially enjoy supporting, guiding, cheering, and encouraging people on their Reiki paths. In addition to certification classes and sessions, I also offer Reiki coaching and online guided self-care gatherings. Both are designed to help Reiki practitioners develop personal or professional practices in an authentic way. Join the newsletter for upcoming events, including healing journey workshops and distance Reiki specials.

Reiki Coaching

Super focused, 20-minute phone sessions to provide support and guidance for Reiki practitioners. All Reiki questions, personal and professional, are welcome. $55. Contact Pamela to schedule.

Reiki Squares, Online Practice Group

We will next meet in July, date TBD.

This gathering’s focus will be based on the energetic needs at that time.

A trauma-informed guided self-treatment practice. Named for the gallery view of online platforms and a twist on the traditional “Reiki circle”, this is a monthly offering for practitioners to come together in community and experiment with various techniques to personalize their self-empowerment practices.

$17 per session. Link provided upon registration.

Long-distance Reiki Special

Now offering 30 and 45 minute remote Reiki sessions for Reiki practitioners. These treatments are designed to maximize output in minimum time. They make great tune-ups when you need some extra reinforcement. Simply provide your intention by email, sit back, and receive healing energy at the agreed upon time. These shorter sessions presume an understanding of what Reiki is, how it works, and how to choose a clear intention for the treatment. They are not available via the online scheduler; contact Pamela to schedule.

30 minutes = $50. Choose one goal per session.

45 minutes = $70. Choose one or two goals per session.

Reiki 3/ Master Teacher Certification and Personal Healing Quest

Next 7-month program begins in July. Details coming soon!