Reiki on the Fly

Earlier today I burned myself. About 40% of the back of hand met the tea kettle that had just come to a boil. And stuck there for a second or two. Now, I’m not ashamed to say that I cursed like a sailor. Horrific expletives flew out of my mouth. Then I remembered who I am. I took a deep breath, ran some cool water over the burn, and activated the healing power of Reiki. Here’s the thing; I had the perfect day off planned and I just didn’t have time for an actual treatment. By some miracle of planets aligning, I had carved out enough time to watch a movie before I rode my bike around the peninsula to watch the sunset. There was no wiggle room in my timeline; the sun would not wait for me. Plus I have two prenatal massages scheduled tomorrow, for which I will be kneading (pun intended!) my knuckles.

So, I activated the symbol that we use to send Reiki through time and space and intended for the healing to continue until it wasn’t needed anymore. Sure, I dabbed on some aloe and lavender oil. I have nothing to prove and use all the tools available to me at any given time. Then I sat down and watched my two hour movie, occasionally remembering to boost the on-going healing. Then I bicycled along the coast, arriving just in time to revel in the sight of the orange sun sinking into the Pacific. As I am preparing to bid the world good night, I will charge up my Reiki crystal to keep the healing energy flowing while I sleep.

I am quite confident that I will have full use of my hand tomorrow. It might be a bit red, maybe a bit sore when touched, but I know from experience that the damage has been minimized. There are so many great things about Reiki, but one that I love the most is that it works anywhere, anytime, always. Sure, the power of ritual may amplify the results, but after years of use and developing an intimate relationship with this energy, all I need to do is intend for it to flow. And without a doubt, flow it will. What a blessing it is to have access to such a beautiful, reliable technique. Now that I’ve had a chance to report on this special benefit of Reiki, I do hope I won’t need to personally experience the emergency uses of it anymore. Seriously. I get it! I know it’s at my disposal and that’s enough for me.

Update: I wrote this last night, and wanted to review it with fresh eyes today for final edits before posting. When I woke up this morning, I had completely forgotten that I had burned my hand until I washed it in hot water. I did feel a slight twinge of discomfort in that moment. However, I am delighted to report that there are no blisters nor any redness and I am able to apply pressure without any pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you Reiki!

Reiki for Goals

Reiki is often described as a hands-on healing technique for stress relief and relaxation. While this is absolutely true, it is not the whole truth. This divinely guided energy removes mental and emotional blockages and reestablishes alignment with our spirit. The Reiki symbols can be used to support us in achieving our goals, provided those goals are aligned with our highest purpose and highest good. If we agree to take action towards these goals by committing to healthy lifestyle changes, the power is amplified even further.

I want to further explain this lofty idea with practical examples that I have witnessed in my own life as well as in my friends’ and clients’ lives. I also want to be clear that while Reiki can be used to support someone release addictive behavior such as alcohol or tobacco, it is not a magical quick-fix. It is one ingredient in a recipe (a powerful and effective ingredient, for sure); not the recipe itself. Energywork can only help people as much as they are willing to help themselves. And it is not a substitute for professional medical care. A compliment, but not a substitute.

After reviewing my session notes from the past two months, I am pleasantly surprised at the full spectrum of challenges that I’ve used Reiki to ease. “Stuckness” is a complaint I often here from my clients. Reiki can help illuminate as well as blast through areas where we are blocked or unclear. In fact, clarity is another hot topic. Often times people know that they have strayed from their paths, but are unsure how to get back. Reiki can help dispel the fog and activate the intuitive center allowing us to receive guidance from a higher source. “Monkey mind” is a Buddhist term for the constant loop of thoughts that play repeatedly in our heads, contributing to anxiety and tension and insomnia. We all have it, although less and less with awareness and mindfulness practice. Reiki can help calm those busy monkeys down.

Weight loss, or more specifically overeating, can be addressed during a series of treatments, as can major trauma (physical, emotional, or spiritual) that has been held in the body over time. I’ve helped a client experience a more harmonious relationship with her ex, mainly through shifting her own expectations and releasing pain points that triggered her for years. I’ve used Reiki to support concrete goals such as relieving knee or shoulder pain as well as more mystical goals like spiritual growth or finding one’s life purpose. In my eyes, any goal that is in alignment with the principals of love, joy, peace, freedom, and equality can benefit from the added boost of healing energy. Finding a new home or vehicle or job, attracting the perfect clients or friends, planning the ideal vacation, conceiving a healthy child, feeling at ease in day to day life, releasing old resentment or guilt, finding a spiritually connected life partner, feeling confident during a presentation or exam, …. I could go on and on! But I think you get the idea. Reiki for goals. It helps.