Reiki and Memory

Reiki is really helpful for cultivating our ability to remember. It supports the deactivation of our survival response, also called the fight/flight/freeze mechanism, which blocks access to our ability to think clearly or retrieve memories. When we’re not perpetually stressed, memory can come back online.

What’s even more interesting to me, is that Reiki (more specifically the mental/emotional symbol taught in Reiki 2) can help cement new memories.

Many years ago, I heard someone (can’t remember who, but the impression is of a doctor or researcher) say that part of the problems we face in the chaotic, fast-paced world is that we are just not paying attention enough to what we’re doing to actually make new memories.

Can you relate?

I can! Especially now that I’m wearing reading glasses. I haven’t yet gone looking for them while they’re on my head, but they do get misplaced sometimes.

So for those pesky, maddening experiences of not being able to find your keys or wondering if you left the iron on at home the moment your plane takes off for a distant land, there is hope.

I had a scare a few years ago when on a hike with a friend. I was certain I’d return and find my apartment burnt to a crisp. It didn’t really matter than in my decades of adulting, I’d never ever left a candle burning or the stove on, I was freaking out.

Of course, I got home and everything was fine. But for weeks, every time I went somewhere, I was worried about having forgotten to turn the stove off.

It didn’t matter that every time I came home, sometimes immediately and inconveniently because I just couldn’t deal with the discomfort of not knowing, never ever did I find what I feared to be true.

Then I realized that I was not creating new memories of turning off the stove or oven, blowing out the candle, or locking the door.

A new strategy arose. One much more effective than circling back each time I went somewhere to double check my home.

Before I leave, I stand at the stove, check all the knobs and say, “off” while taking a mental snapshot of the stove indeed being off. This same technique can work for any situation. “Keys”. “Glasses”. “Candle”. Whatever.

A week after I started doing this, my out-of-the-home panic diminished greatly and about a month later I didn’t need it any more. I had effectively cured my paranoia. I only do it now if I’m going out of town or some unusual circumstance has me out of my routine.

Anyone can do this. It’s simply a matter of turning your attention for just a moment to that which you’d like to remember. If you have Reiki super-powers, use SHK to stamp your memory in deep. If you’d like to have Reiki super-powers, get on my mailing list to be in the know about upcoming classes.

Tight Neck? Stiff Shoulders? I’ve Got You!

So many of us spend hours in positions that aren’t great for our bodies. Understanding a bit about body mechanics can point us toward remedies that effectively correct the imbalance rather than making it worse.

The vast majority of approaches I see people taking either don’t work or… sadly, make it worse. Check out my rubber band demonstration to see why.

I made this short video to demonstrate the remedy I use to keep myself feeling good no matter how much time I spend hunched over the massage table or keyboard.

No matter my good intentions for not hunching, I invariably end up in positions that are not great for me when I get immersed in what I’m doing. I’m guessing you can relate.

An alternative is to book a session! Massage, Reiki and my signature combo treatments can all treat muscle tension, ease stress and pain, and increase circulation and focus. Get yourself some support if you’re suffering.

Reiki and Crystal Grids

I have a lot of fun getting creative with my Reiki practice.

Most people think of Reiki as a treatment- something that happens on a massage table in a spa-like environment.

But that’s only one of it’s expressions. Reiki is spiritually-guided life-force energy. It can be applied anywhere and everywhere to support our goals and desires.

Recently I activated Reiki to open myself to my inner wisdom and connect with a sacred symbol. A downward facing triangle emerged. A few days later I was inspired to make a crystal grid for prosperity and while wondering how to set it up, I was nudged towards the triangle I had downloaded.

It’s not the typical grid format and while pondering the solution, I was guided to create a ring around the edges with a necklace. And finally to use these green citrine crystals I bought ages ago in a Reiki class.

I charged all the stones with the intention of receiving prosperity and fit them into the triangle shape intuitively. I placed the necklace around the triangle and voila! A unique crystal grid, perfect for my needs.

I followed all of this up with a Reiki Healing Attunement, which my teacher, Laura Bruno calls one of the most powerful ways to create change. It was already pretty potent, but what the heck? I tend to use all the tools at my disposal.

I’ll charge this up everyday with more Reiki and my intentions. I find I’m more likely to engage with a practice that is personalized and creative than following some prescribed protocol.

How can you spice up your Reiki practice with something fun and enlivening?

Reiki as a Mystical Practice

Lots of people recognize Reiki as a fantastic tool for healing physical, mental, and emotional issues. It’s even being used in hospitals and hospice to reduce pain and meds, speed recovery, and promote comfort.

And… for those of us who are on a spiritual path, wanting to go deeper and experience belonging and awakening in mystical ways, Reiki can also provide a key for us.

For starters, it can help us be present with whatever is arising. Staying present (vs. distracting, avoiding, numbing or procrastinating) is a necessary skill that is made much easier when our nervous systems are regulated and our minds are calm.

It can highlight what needs to be released, processed or integrated.

It can help us access our inner wisdom and power and sense of innate worthiness.

When we become more grounded, more centered, more aligned with our essence, the way forward becomes clearer. Breadcrumbs appear at just the right time.

When we’re connected to the divine within and to a sense of belonging, it’s easier to surrender to the flow of life and to set boundaries.

When we’re comfortable facing the unknown, we gain tremendous confidence and courage.

When we don’t need to know all the answers or figure it all out, we can show up every day for spiritual practice and allow our awakening to unfold organically without striving, clinging or forcing.

Reiki is a resource that can be woven into your prayers, meditations, spells, and incantations. It’s simply an energy; one that can be used to enhance and deepen that work that you’re doing.

It has been the tool that has been most transformative and nourishing for me on my decades long spiritual healing journey. Devoting time to being with myself and cultivating a soul-lead lifestyle has been a portal for spiritual awakening and connection with the divine.

My clients and students often report mystical experiences without having the vocabulary to describe them. The lack of descriptive words makes them no less real. They express a feeling of time being suspended, going on magical journeys, and feeling more at home than they knew was even possible. I have no way of measuring, but I suspect some people go into a theta brainwave state, which is deeply healing, and/or have pineal gland activations.

If you’re interested in journeying down this path with me, you’d be most welcome in my upcoming Reiki 1 class. We meet online 4 times, beginning May 4. Or, if you prefer a more receptive route, schedule a session and I’ll be the transmitter for you while you can catch up on some rest.

Coping vs. Healing

Understanding the difference between coping and healing is important for those of us on the holistic path. We don’t often see folks modeling a balanced, integrated approach to dealing with challenges. Coping is very popular in our culture- just turn on the TV for a few minutes and you’re sure to see an example. Or ten.

In my experience, coping comes in a variety of flavors, all of which lean towards checking out of difficult or unpleasant situations. Numbing, distracting, and suppressing are all members of the coping family. If you’re anything like me, you have a wide array of options to choose from, many of which have been perfected over the years.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a time and place for coping. If you’re in over your head and need a break from overwhelming emotions, sensations, or circumstances, checking out might be the healthiest option available to you in that moment. Sometimes our sanity or survival relies on our ability to put our heads down and slog through whatever crisis lies ahead. There’s absolutely no shame in doing what you need to do to get through the day.

And… coping doesn’t address the source of the problem, so its effects are, at best, temporary and unsatisfying, and often come with undesirable consequences. Reserve coping strategies for the times when there are no other options. Do what you need to do and let’s talk about a plan for treating the root of the problem when the resources to do so become available.  

Healing, or treating a symptom, disease, disorder, malady, or pattern means correcting any imbalance that contributes to its existence. This means looking at belief systems, thought patterns, unexpressed emotions, habits, repetitive movements, and energy flow to see what can be adjusted to support the healing process.

Not nearly as much fun as frozen margaritas and brownies, I know! But immensely more effective and with no queasy regrets the next morning.

OK, great. But now what? How do we actually go about it? I have a lot of ideas, some of which will resonate and others that will likely evoke a … meh… reaction. Depending on your personality and constitution, you’ll either be drawn to the deep end or the gently sloping end of the pool. There is no wrong way to approach healing. The right way is the one that works for you.

Becoming more mindful of what’s actually going on under the surface is a crucial step on the journey. For those of us with unprocessed trauma in our systems, this can stir up some messy, sometimes overwhelming feelings. It is wise to enlist the support of a professional before poking around in your darkest corners if you have difficult, violent, or upsetting experiences in your past that have not been assimilated. Get yourself some guidance before you begin exploring the inner labyrinth.

Efforts that can be applied to healing include, but are not limited to:

  • Self-compassion
  • Prioritize your needs and desires in order to make space for them
  • Set boundaries
  • Honor those boundaries!
  • Regulate the nervous system
  • Make space for your emotions and the accompanying energy
  • Move your body in a way that feels good
  • Slow down/do less
  • Practice being present with yourself no matter what
  • Minimize multitasking
  • Explore and inventory your limiting beliefs and decide which are keepers and which need to be released.
  • Meet every seeming obstacle as an opportunity to heal what lies beneath it.
  • Get lots of support

Reiki is an amazing tool that can help with all of the above activities. It regulates the nervous system and provides an infusion of healing life-force energy, giving us the motivation and capacity to face whatever comes up and deal with it accordingly.

If that sounds like something you’d like to have available at you very fingertips, I’d be delighted to have you in my upcoming beginners Reiki class: Reiki 1, Healing Yourself and Your Loved Ones. We gather online for four sessions, starting on May 4.


Spring Special/ Remote Reiki Bundle

Spring Special/ Remote Reiki Bundle

There seems to be a common misconception that receiving a remote Reiki treatment is some sort of pathetic consolation prize for folks who can’t make it to the office for the real thing.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, I often find the potency of a remote session to be even more powerful. As if I can plug into the energetic grid directly without having to first sink through the layers of flesh.

Sure, it’s nice to get out of the (possibly chaotic) house and enter the serenity of a professional space. To have pleasant surroundings and a comfortable place to lie down where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the treatment. I can’t argue with that. But the environment is just the icing.

Reiki is not dependent on the setting in which it’s received.

Healing life-force energy surrounds us all, all the time. Sadly, as a modern society, we have become disconnected from nature’s rhythms and energies. That which was likely an organic and harmonious relationship for our ancestors has become estranged these days. For a trained Reiki provider, however, accessing this energy is simple and connecting it to others, near or far, couldn’t be easier.

Just as an automatic deposit into your checking account is no less valid than personally depositing a check at the bank, getting a Reiki infusion from the comfort of home is just as potent as an office visit.

Particularly for people who are too busy or not well enough to travel. You can get your medicine delivered to you, wherever you, at the times when you most need it!

Clients often wonder what they will feel during a session. That depends. How attuned are you to feeling subtle energies? Most of us have zero training in this realm. It’s common not to feel anything. For those with a devoted meditation, yoga, tai chi or qi gong practice, there might be some awareness of sensations like warmth or tingling. Perhaps not. Not feeling anything doesn’t mean it isn’t working. It just means we haven’t developed our feelers.

So how does it work logistically? That’s easy! Contact me to arrange an appointment and let me know what your goals for the session are. There’s absolutely nothing you need to do during the session itself. (There is no link, no recording. There’s nothing to see.) You can set yourself up for a period of relaxation if that feels good, or you can go on about your business. Reiki requires nothing from you other than the willingness to receive it.

I’ll connect Reiki with your energy field and open to guidance from a combination of Reiki itself, intuition, and directions from your higher self, or soul. Afterwards, I’ll send a message outlining the work I was led to do and follow-up suggestions, if any come through.

It really is that easy!

To make it even easier, I’m offering a Spring Special. The 4 for 3 Bundle. 4 Remote Reiki sessions for the price of 3 if purchased before June 1, 2023. You’ll have a year to use the sessions, so you can space them out accordingly.

Some people like to get biweekly or monthly treatments, others wait for special occasions or particularly stressful events. They could also be used as extra doses in between in-person sessions. It’s your choice, but I will just mention that consistent application is more likely to make noticeable shifts in wellness than sporadic application. Just like exercise and dental hygiene.

30 or 45 minute sessions are available.

Four 30 minute sessions = $150

Four 45 minute sessions = $225

That’s a 25% savings!

If you’d like to purchase a bundle as a gift, we can arrange that as well. I can provide a PDF gift certificate for you to email the recipient.

It’s my goal to make Reiki as accessible as possible to people who want to receive it. Next to taking a class and giving yourself daily doses of medicine (get on my mailing list if that’s your preferred route and keep in the loop about upcoming trainings), this is the most affordable option on my menu.

Remote Reiki -it’s just as powerful as in-person sessions.



Reiki, the Vagina and Holistic Healing: Befriending the Body

As soon as I posted my blog on Reiki, the Vagina, and Holistic Healing, a followup began to emerge. That post was pretty lengthy and I decided to keep it readable rather than sharing everything I have to say on the topic. I thought that an exploration of the mental, emotional, and energetic patterns that contribute to lack of wellness in the reproductive and sexual organs would satisfy the assignment Spirit had given me.

Not so.

My new assignment is to cover the nature of our relationships with our bodies. I’m here to suggest that befriending the physical body is a means to creating wellness and accessing inner wisdom and power. Heretical? Maybe! Uncomfortable? Absolutely. Worth the effort? Hell, yes! We cannot be whole (healed) while rejecting any part of ourselves.

Living in the modern western world, we’re taught to identify with our minds, thinking that Logic and Reasoning are the bomb. We’re taught that the physical body and the emotions are messy inconveniences, best avoided until they complain too loudly, and then silenced with any number of harmful behaviors or substances so that we can get back to our planning, thinking, and analyzing.

We expect the body to perform as a vehicle, carrying around our heads with very minimal support. We berate it for needing so much sleep and nourishment, we criticize it for not complying with our wishes to be a certain shape or size, for aging, for aching and eventually breaking down.

As women, we’re taught to compete with insanely impossible Beauty Ideals and to judge our worth in comparison to photoshopped, waif-like, supermodels who have a team of professionals tampering with their natural appearance. Body dysmorphia is common as a result.

It’s quite normal in this day and age to have a very dysfunctional, neglectful, even abusive, relationship with one’s own body! Sadly, the body receives these disparaging messages and responds defensively. It senses danger and activates survival mechanisms that wear it down over time.

Imagine how you would react if someone were constantly yelling at you, complaining about you and lamenting your very being. You’d want to run away, hide, or lash out, right? Self-criticism chronically activates the fight/flight/freeze response and creates a toxic chemical soup that encourages inflammation.

Can you see how such a relationship would ultimately disrupt the flow of life-force energy? Since the vagina, vulva, and reproductive organs are not essential for survival in the face of immediate danger, these areas are among those that are most affected by the disrupted energy flow. If you want to heal yourself, it’s important to look at any habits that cause the body to think it’s in danger (including self-criticism). Then… just stop. Stop berating your body with negative self-talk and then wondering why it’s not healing.

Learning to befriend the body might seem like a radical suggestion if you’ve been treating it as your archenemy for decades. What would it be like to listen to your body’s sensations and learn to respond the same way you would to a friend?

To eat when you’re hungry, and maybe even eat the foods that your body is requesting?

To rest when tired?

To empty your bladder at the first signal rather than waiting till you’re about to burst?

To move in ways that feel good rather than pushing yourself to do vigorous workouts when fatigued?

What if you learned to honor your body as the expert on what it needs, rather than relying on externally imposed dogma?

Let’s go one step further and tune into the vagina (or whichever parts are asking for your attention). I bet there are specific requests about what and what not to be inserting in there. Overriding these requests is the opposite of honoring. At the very least listen and acknowledge her.

Yes, I refer to my vagina as “her” and listen to what she has to say.

I’m not asking you to perform the heroic act of loving your body. That’s master level kung fu. Let’s start with not being a bully. Maybe you can work your way up to compassion eventually. I often repeat the phrase “May I be kind to myself.” as a reminder of my intention to befriend my body.

I can also recommend Dr. Rick Hanson’s book “Hardwiring Happiness” as a source of helpful and very doable techniques for changing habitual thoughts and behavior patterns.

And since I’m a devotee of the Reiki system of healing, of course I believe that it can be a supportive tool to help repair any neglect or abuse that has damaged the body as well as helping to create new healthier habits of listening and honoring.

Because building new neural pathways requires consistent attention, I highly recommend finding a daily practice to support your efforts. If you are interested in learning how to give yourself daily doses of Reiki, I have an online training coming up that’s just the thing.

Easy, Accessible, Doable Self-Care

Taking good care of ourselves can be a radical act in this day and age. Tapping into our inner wisdom, choosing to stay present with ourselves, and responding with compassion is downright revolutionary.

I’m not talking about tropical vacations, spa days, bath bombs, mani-pedis or goopy facial masks. (Unless that’s your thing.) There’s nothing wrong with pleasure-full indulgences, but that is not the heart of self-care.

What I’m talking about is committing to a daily practice of caring for yourself in only the way you can.

The simplest, safest, yummiest, and most impactful way I know how to do that (and I’ve been exploring for nearly 30 years!) is Reiki.

Anyone can learn how to do Reiki. It’s simply the art of connecting with universal life-force energy (which surrounds us all the time) and using intention and attention to direct it for well-being or any other goal that is aligned with your highest good.

It can be used to support magical and mystical studies, but in and of itself, it’s a very practical technique. There’s no need to have any woo-woo inclinations whatsoever (unless that’s your thing). The power is in the application. Meaning, when you make time to give yourself consistent Reiki treatments, over time you’ll see tremendous benefits.

It doesn’t require any special skills or pre-disposition. No fancy setup, music, crystals, oils, or herbs are necessary (unless that’s your thing).

All you need is a desire to experience something different and a willingness to take consistent action.

You’ll notice that I’ve used the word “consistent” several times. That’s because the work of healing means restoring balance in a world that is constantly promoting imbalance and integrating body, mind, and spirit in a culture that values the mind at the expense of the rest. Changing patterns against the tide requires devotion.

But it doesn’t need to be hard or even time-consuming. 10-20 minutes per day, most days of the week can contribute to amazing results. If you truly desire change, that’s a small price to pay!

I’ve created the most compact training for ordinary folks who want to participate in cultivating their own wellness, happiness, and creativity. My Reiki for Self-Care and Empowerment Class is coming up soon. It’s three 90- minute online classes. It’s the most convenient, affordable, accessible class I teach and it begins March 23, 2023.

Investment in yourself = $113.

Come and join the revolution.

Hello Old Injury and the Spiral Nature of Healing

Several years ago, I had a knee injury that I treated holistically. The chiropractor did a series of osteopathic tests and the conclusion was a torn meniscus. I documented the journey and have included the links to the full series below. After several months of a variety of natural and metaphysical treatments, I declared it good enough. The pain had ceased entirely and I had decent range of motion. It didn’t really want to bend deeply, but I came to terms with that pretty easily.

This week the pain has returned despite there being no moment of re-injury. It seems pretty clear to me that the work I’ve been doing to treat the stiffness and aching in my left hip and lower back loosened up the muscles that had been recruited to protect the knee.

Muscles in my thighs, gluts, and hips had rigidly tightened to prevent the movements that triggered knee pain. Over time, this imbalance affected other joints, causing problems elsewhere. Treating these secondary problems revealed the incomplete status of the previous healing. Not surprisingly, the hip and low back discomfort predate the knee injury, and likely stimulated the entire cycle decades ago. Just as I typed that last sentence, I recalled another knee incident, that harkens back to my days as a bicycle commuter. Oh, how easy it is to forget these things!

At each stage, healing has happened to the greatest degree it could at that time given my circumstances, resources, and abilities. As I’ve expanded my capacity to stay present with myself during uncomfortable feelings and sensations and accrued greater healing resources, I’ve now been given another opportunity to reach the next level of healing. Yay me.

Healing is not usually a linear process. Often there is no clear indication of the goal being achieved or what further steps need to be taken. I’m writing this post because I think it’s so important to understand that this is a common occurrence. There is still an imbalance that is calling out for my attention. I’ve decided to document, once again, the process I undertake and to share it for others on a similar journey. There are a lot of us!

While this seems to be a straightforward physical problem, experience has taught me that there are mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual components. I want to address all the parts of myself as their interconnectivity is not optional, even if unnoticed. For example, I do have strong feelings about experiencing pain, particularly pain that I thought had been healed. I have thoughts popping up about what I could have done differently and what my future entails. I have a distinct desire to turn away from the sensations and distract myself. These are all ingredients in my soup pot. Ignoring any of them won’t change the flavor of my soup.

So here’s the starting point. I’m allowing myself to really feel my body and what it’s saying to me. There are definitely movements that are being highly discouraged. Sitting cross-legged, particularly on the floor, is a big NO for now. I’m paying attention and complying as much as possible.

I’m not avoiding any of the accompanying thoughts, stories, projections, or emotions; neither am I feeding them. The container of my consciousness is vast enough to hold it all while still allowing the wiser parts of me to steer. I’ve come to a place of acceptance, the precursor to peace. I don’t mean resignation, the doomsday feeling that it is what it is and there’s nothing to be done. No, I simply mean accepting that this is indeed happening and there is no sense in fighting against reality.

For the most part, I haven’t often felt the need for any OTC meds because the pain generally arises only when I make certain movements. However the first night of this episode, I found myself unable to sleep despite propping my leg just right, so I took some ibuprofen. I’m not an advocate of unnecessary suffering and I also want to be able to receive the information my body provides. Somewhere in between pain and numbness is a balance.

I’m also flooding my knee, legs, and feet with Reiki. I trust that healing energy will help my body make the adjustments and repairs necessary as well as guide me to any additional interventions. I’m using my heating pad quite a lot. During the original injury, I followed the traditional guidelines and applied ice for the first 36 hours and it seemed to make the pain worse. I don’t need to repeat that lesson!

For now, that’s all I have to report. I’m sure additional therapies will come in to play and I’ll keep you posted.

Anyone else experiencing the return of symptoms from an old injury? How are you handling it?

Here are my previous posts, dating back almost exactly 5 years. It will be interesting to see how different the current treatment turns out to be.

Reiki for Self-Care and Empowerment Class

This is a mini-version of my Reiki 1 class, designed for busy folks who have no intention of starting a professional practice or sharing healing with others. It’s the bare bones, no frill package.

Reiki is my go-to tool for maintaining my health and sanity into my elder years, minor first aid, pain and stress relief, healing old trauma and wounds, cultivating emotional balance, and connecting with my deepest self, inner wisdom and innate power.

It’s helping to free me from limiting beliefs and unconscious identities by allowing me to access clarity, discernment, motivation, and passion. It’s helped me to uncover and integrate mental, emotional, and energetic blockages and move past harmful and unskillful coping mechanisms.

Because I use it every day. If you’re interested in learning a technique that can totally rock your world, Reiki can do that. But understand that it won’t do much for you unless you apply it consistently. If you can commit to a 15-ish minute practice most days, then you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this isn’t it.

(P.S. There are no quick fixes! Just bypasses, distractions, and suppression. These are the opposite of holistic healing.)

Three Thursday evenings.

On Zoom. From your comfy space with snacks and sweatpants.

It doesn’t get any more convenient than this!

We’ll cover the basics about what Reiki is, where it comes from, and what it can be used for in the first week.

The second week is the attunement (the initiation where I open students’ energy fields so that Reiki can be received) and instruction on how to use it.

After practicing over the next week, we’ll come back for the final class and discuss how to find a way to practice that suits your life.

And that’s it! If you’re looking for an opportunity to connect with other folks or in-depth discussions about how amazing Reiki is, this probably isn’t the class for you. I’d suggest Reiki 1 certification instead. (The next round will be this summer.) We take more time for these aspects there.

If you’re wanting to have access to healing life-force energy at your very fingertips with minimal fuss and expense, then you’re in the right place. If you’ve been wanting to do this for ages and haven’t yet found the time, you’re exactly the type of person for whom I’ve created this class.

March 23 and 30 and April 6, 2023

6:30-8pm EST