Radical Self-Care, Get Help

One of the most valuable aspects of being a Reiki Master is the ability to give myself daily treatments. I love that whenever I want, wherever I am, I can flow life-force energy for healing. It’s simple and powerful and helps me connect to my deeper truth every time. I also get a boost of energy each time I give a client a session. As Reiki flows through me, my body naturally absorbs some. It’s the best job perk ever!

Because I have access to healing energy on a daily basis, I sometimes forget the magnificent feeling of receiving a session from someone else. Yesterday I arranged to be the client and allowed myself to be flooded with Reiki. It was magical! I felt a deep sense of serenity and weightlessness that was profoundly nurturing. I felt like I was floating in a sea of wellness and that I belonged there. Afterwards it seemed like I had released a lifetime of burdens that had never been mine to carry.

It was a tremendous reminder to me of not only the amazing benefits of Reiki, but also of the importance of asking for help. Often I find myself identifying with the label of “independent woman” and trying to do everything myself. I am learning to recognize that there is no shame in asking for help, just as there are no rewards for going it alone. Receiving a gift allows another to enjoy the blessings of being a giver. Being in the flow of give and take is a beautiful aspect of belonging to a community. Allowing interdependence means becoming a better receiver, and that is a goal I am ready to pursue.

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