Radical Self-Care, Nature Rules!

Businessman meditating in a parkThe weather, my schedule, and my energy level all lined up in a magnificently cooperative way which allowed me to go for a hike in the woods this morning. Nature is my happy place. Living in Philadelphia, I no longer have daily access to the ocean as I did when I lived on the coast of California. However, we do have an amazing urban park that has the magical quality of making me feel like I’m on vacation.

Being outside and breathing fresh air, surrounded by the lush beauty of Mother Nature feeds my soul deeply. After a few minutes I begin to feel more alive, more myself, more radiant. It seems as though the greenery is scrubbing my aura clean; like a car wash but for the energy field. Trees embody the energy of earth and water from below and fire and air from above, providing a tangible balance of  the elements. I can easily understand why Druids believed the forests to be sacred.

Having started my day filling up with bliss from being outside, moving my body, and quieting my mind has set me up with an amazing mood. There aren’t many activities I know of that provide physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual regeneration all at once. Having easy access to the woods (complete with gorgeous creek nonetheless!) is truly a blessing and I cherish it every time I visit.

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