Radical Self-Care, Affirmations

I’ve used affirmations over the past two decades consistently. Combined with Reiki, it is the most beneficial practice I know of to change limiting beliefs. As children, we are little sponges that absorb messages we receive from the world without questioning if they are true. As adults, we have the power to examine those messages and decide if we wish to keep them, edit them, or drop them completely.

This morning I downloaded an app for my phone and purchased a package of 16 guided affirmation meditations from the queen of affirmations herself, Louise Hay. To say that she is my hero is a vast understatement. To say that her book “You Can Heal Your Life” has transformed my life does not even come close to doing it justice. Her work is focused on creating healthy self-esteem, letting go of emotional blocks, and learning to love ourselves exactly as we are.

While it’s absolutely unnecessary to use technology or purchase any recorded affirmations, it is super-easy. There’s something about the tone of her voice that is soothing and seems to bypass my mental resistance. Listening to Miss Louise generates a willingness to surrender my false perceptions and to absorb the healing truth that I am whole, complete, and lovable. Right now. Not after I achieve xyz. Not after I accomplish this or that. Not after I change my bad habits or anything else. NOW.

If you’re not into the app or the book I mentioned above, you could check her out of Facebook. There you’ll find a multitude of affirmation statements to choose from. If you find one that really resonates, repeat it to yourself aloud and often. She would suggest standing in front of a mirror and looking into your own eyes as the most powerful technique. You can even write your own affirmations by using present tense, first person, positive statements. Here’s a favorite that might just float your boat.




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