Radical Self-Care, Chew!

I have HAD a terrible habit of rushing through meals; like it’s just another thing I need to do so I can move on to the several dozen other things I need to do. What’s perplexing about this is that I go to a lot of trouble to procure the best quality food I am able and to prepare it as healthy, delicious meals. Which I then neglect to savor. It’s ridiculous!

Not only do I find myself scooping up the next bite while I’m still haphazardly chewing, the second that last bite is in my mouth, and I’m up and washing dishes. I know from years of study about nutrition that we best absorb nutrients when we eat slowly, chew every bite thoroughly, and take pleasure from our meals. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has taught me the benefits of taking time to appreciate and enjoy the food on my plate. I know this to be true. Yet somehow I don’t actually do it. Until now!

Another step in this process is to be present when eating. I’m dedicated to not multi-tasking during meals; this means no books, gadgets, TV, or scribbling on my to-do list. I’ve got this piece down. But it seems that only makes the urge to rush stronger. Since I’m “only eating” and I really have a lot of other things on my plate (haha, pun intended!) I just want to get it over with and move on.

Well, I’m here to proclaim my intention to improve. I acknowledge the importance of nourishing myself, both physically and emotionally at mealtimes. And in order to do this, I need to carve out time to relax and relish every bite, chewing each one before even thinking of the next. I’m willing to commit to the process of pleasurable, although simple, dining on a daily basis. Starting with this ripe peach that is slated to be my breakfast. YUM!

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