Radical Self-Care, Spiritual Practice

Defining “spiritual practice” is a task that I’ve been avoiding for some time now. In the broadest sense, it includes the activities that help me remember The Truth about who I am: a spiritual being having a human experience. Some practices anchor in the sensation of this truth. Others increase my awareness of the beliefs that cover it. Many are designed to open my heart and release the layers of fear that keep me separated from the divinity within.

I’ve discussed many of the individual practices over the course of my journey; meditation, yoga, mindfulness, affirmations, letting go, connecting with kindred, nature, and kindness toward myself are but a few. These are all exercises or ways of being that establish an awareness of The Truth that resides within me; that I am safe and I am loved, I am always guided and protected, and everything I need has already been given me.

Given this awareness, I’ve come to recognize that spiritual practice in all its forms is the cornerstone of taking good care of myself. When my body and mind are aligned with spirit, then I’m in balance and in the natural flow of life. I can tap into my intuition and inner reserves to know which way to go and have the strength to follow through. When an imbalance occurs, it becomes apparent quickly, and shifts more easily because I’m tuned-in to my essence. Many of the problems of the mundane world simply fall away.

I’ve been super-charging my spiritual practices by bringing in Reiki energy and symbols. Reiki assists me in letting go of negative beliefs about myself and the world, and guides me to release patterns of dysfunction. It encourages my chakras to open and align, creating energetic balance within my body which is then reflected in my actions. It allows me to send healing to my past and reduce the influence of old wounds. And it creates a synergistic unity of all the parts of me that I’ve abandoned or forgotten while reminding me that my essence is perfect, whole, and complete.

This journey has helped me expand the way I use Reiki in my personal life. It remains my go-to therapy for aches and pains, first aid, anxiety and stress. I doubt that will ever change. I’m also using it more and more for personal growth and reestablishing connection to the divine. The results of these deeper practices are profound and affirming. I’m tempted to say that the sky is the limit, but I remember my very first Reiki teacher asking me, “Why have any limits?”, so I’ll refrain and say that I’m looking forward to exploring the limitless potential of Reiki as a spiritual practice.

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