Massage Day!!!

On the day I’m scheduled to receive a massage, I wake up feeling like this.

person holding round smiling emoji board photo
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Yesterday, I woke up feeling like this. Overall, a little stiff, somewhat fatigued, world-weary, and a tad depleted. I give my all to my clients and I’m working with a knee injury, doing a dietary detox, and struggling through a hot and sticky summer in an urban environment. Yes, my life is full of blessings and I count them daily. But over time, I get worn down and need a reboot.

person covering woman with blanket
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Later today, after receiving nurturing, healing touch while melting into deep relaxation and having my energy patterns reset, I can look forward to feeling like this.

adorable baby blur boy
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I could use a lot of words to describe the physiological and mental/emotional impact of a bodywork session from a gifted and caring professional, but I think these images convey greater meaning. I bet many of you can relate.

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