In the spirit of celebrating all the successes, I’m thrilled to report that this week I was able to do a yoga pose that I haven’t been able to do all year because of a knee injury. Sure, it’s a simple pose requiring no particularly skill, strength, or flexibility- child’s pose. It’s one of my all time favorites as I find it super soothing and relaxing. I’m feeling victorious because in my mind, it’s a marker of how much mobility I’ve gained without any invasive interventions.

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So what’s my secret? Patience. Listening to what my body is telling me. Acceptance. Slowing down. Compassion. I think of my 4 year old niece, and I don’t say anything to myself that I wouldn’t say to her. Would I tell that cutie to suck it up, to push through, no pain/no gain?! Absolutely not! Why would I treat my own sacred self with any less caring? Kindness is my secret. Pretty radical, huh?

I’ve also been using all the holistic tools at my disposal.

I’ve been practicing gentle, mindful yoga daily and receiving tons of Reiki healing energy. I am blessed to have an awesome massage therapist who gives me an amazing treatment twice each month. I keep hydrated and (mostly) stick to an anti-inflammatory diet. I’m taking a super quality multi-vitamin, glucosamine chondroitin, and MSM supplements.

I continue to go hiking because it feeds my spirit to be in the woods by the creek, but I keep it simple and light so as to not experience another setback as I did in the spring. I get plenty of rest and pay attention when my knee twinges, reminding me to take it easy. And I’ve become a master at tuning out the well-meaning, but harmful words that others share about a torn meniscus never healing. Pffft!

Curiously during this time of healing, I’ve been working with a woman who is about to undergo surgery for a congenital, degenerative condition. She’s following much the same protocol to prepare herself for an optimal outcome and minimal discomfort and recovery time. I am confident she will also be victorious.

The message I’m so eager to share is that despite diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment plan there are so many choices we can make on a daily basis to support our own health and well-being. As with every project, we begin wherever we are today by taking the first step. Won’t you join us?



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