The Longest Night

Today is the winter solstice for those of us in the northern hemisphere. It’s commonly known as the shortest day, but to me the longest night seems a more fitting description.

A series of coincidences, AKA divine interventions, placed a friend and I in the woods at sunset and I was able to snap a pic of the final rays of light.

It was spectacular and magical to be in nature at such an auspicious time. But the real magic happened when I got home and turned inward. The universe is encouraging stillness, quiet, and contemplation. Oddly, our culture encourages the opposite, but I prefer to flow with the natural energy rather than fight it.

Today is also a turning point as tomorrow, and each day thereafter for the next six months, there will be a little more light than the day before. It signifies a time of hope for many as spring has always followed winter. In the meantime, let us embrace the cold, dark nights as best we can.

Happy solstice!

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