Fire Cider Update

Last month I started my first ever batch of fire cider. It’s an immune-boosting tonic that I’ve been curious about for the past several years. I shredded garlic, onion, ginger, and turmeric and covered the mixture with apple cider vinegar. I shook the jars every day for three and a half weeks before straining out the solids. (Which I later learned could have been saved for making broth. Next time!) The recipe calls for horseradish to clear the sinuses, but I couldn’t find the fresh root. I figure I can always add a pinch of cayenne if necessary.

I’m kicking the new year off with a 21 day reset program, and have committed to a dietary cleanse and a variety of good-health habits that I’m hoping to cement into my normal routine. I’m using fire cider as part of the process. I’ve been taking a tablespoon of the infused vinegar with a teaspoon of honey in hot water every morning. I don’t intend to continue long-term, but I’m glad there will be plenty leftover in case I ever feel like I’m coming down with something.

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I shared some with a friend, who texted me last night to say that she’d tried it. “OOF!” was her only comment. I had to laugh. It is quite potent. It’s meant to be medicine after all! The trick that I wanted to share is to add only enough hot water to mix in the honey, but not enough to dilute it too much. You really want to get it down the hatch quickly, not sip and savor. As the acidity of vinegar isn’t great for the enamel of teeth, I’ve been doing a swish of pure water afterwards, but not brushing right away, as per my dentist’s instructions.

I really recommend giving this a try. It’s a particularly good time to bolster the immune system and always a good idea to be prepared for the dreaded moment when you feel the first signs of less-than-wellness. I rarely get sick, but I do remember how I’ve appreciated having potions on hand rather than having to scramble when under the weather.

I’ve seen fire cider for sale in single servings at the health food store, but there really is something special about making your own. It’s certainly much more cost effective. I enhanced mine with a blast of Reiki each day while shaking. You get a whole lot of OOF for minimal effort and a few dollars. Why not?

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