Intuition Chronicles: It’s Not Always About Me!

Lots of times I don’t know the reason for the internal nudges I get. Sometimes it becomes clear days, or even weeks, later. That’s why I keep track of intuitive messages and my response (or lack thereof) to them. But sometimes even a direct instruction doesn’t yield any tangible results.

This leads me to the conclusion that it’s not all about me. Shocking, right?!

Several weeks ago, as I was layering up to head out into the winterscape of Philly in February, I was instructed, “Green.” That’s it. Just one word. Given that I was standing in front of my selection of scarves at that very moment wondering which one to wear, it seemed a no-brainer. I wrapped my green scarf around my neck and ventured out, eager to learn why.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No clue why I was meant to do that. No Prince Charming swept me off my feet proclaiming my color scheme to be a clear indication of our destiny to spend all of eternity together. No approach by exotic animals attracted by the vibrant color. Not even a compliment from a passerby. 

This type of thing happens frequently. Sure, I could have misinterpreted the message or missed the follow-up signs that I had chosen correctly. More likely, someone else might have benefited from seeing my green scarf. Perhaps (subconsciously) a neighbor was reminded about a gift they needed to purchase for a niece who adores green. I can think of any number of similar scenarios that are just as likely, and just as imaginary. It doesn’t really matter. I followed my instructions and my job is now done.

Often I am told to “turn left” when I’m actually heading to the right. Sometimes I find cash on the sidewalk, run into a friend, or discover a newly opened store that sells exactly what I’ve been looking for. Frequently, though, I have no idea why I was lead down that path. Maybe someone needed that smile I offered when we passed, it was my turn to drop money for another to discover, or my presence somehow delivered a color-coded message that was beneficial on some level. 

Just because the evidence of cause and effect isn’t apparent, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Sometimes we just aren’t meant to know. Lots of issues are above my pay grade and I’m not always mindful enough to notice subtle results. Either way, it’s of no concern. It’s my job to receive the messages and do my best to comply. The “why” is often none of my business, especially when it’s not about me. 

3 thoughts on “Intuition Chronicles: It’s Not Always About Me!

  1. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Such a great post by my friend Pamela! This actually sounds like my life, including the Cosmic Costume Designer. Oftentimes, I discover “why” in an avalanche of synchronicities, but sometimes the costume speaks for itself on some level — as Pamela says — “above my pay grade.” Other times, a clothing item I see in a dream shows up months to years later as a kind of “timeline marker.” When I look back at the dream, it shares relevant information for *right now.*

    In any case, Pamela’s examples cover MANY scenarios of intuitive nudges. Sometimes these nudges literally save your life. Other times, they sprinkle delight and magic along your (and other people’s) path. I appreciate them either way!


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