40% off Rick Hanson’s Online Courses

I’m a big fan of Dr. Rick’s work. He’s been helping me reprogram my mind, release limiting beliefs, and develop mental/emotional resilience for several years now. I find his methods to be very accessible even though they are deeply rooted in the geekiest science.

“Whether you have a minute a day, or an hour a week, you can start releasing anxiety, changing your negative thoughts, growing the good inside, and having more calm, confidence, and joy amidst the challenges of everyday life.” Sounds fabulous, right?

Here’s the link to get the goodies. The offer is valid through midnight on September 5th. He’s based in California, so I’m guessing that’s PDT. There’s a wide variety of options, with varied investments of time and money, any of which could improve your wellbeing if you put in the effort.

Two thumbs up!

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