Fun on Rebubble

Last night, an online search for postcards led me to Redbubble and I spent a bit of time exploring that rabbit hole. In case you’re later to the party than I am, here’s a blurb from their website:

“Awesome products designed by independent artists.” Love that!

This is postcard that really convinced me I was in the right place. So creative! And humorous! A friend and I often joke about Kermit’s song, “It’s not easy being green” given our goals to drink green juices (her) and smoothies (me) frequently. We’re both quite hermit-like. Let’s just say it tickled my funny bone.

I haven’t decided what item to have this image printed on. T-shirt? Hoodie? Tote bag? Mug? I’m leaning toward the spiral bound journal, but will give it some time to percolate.

Have a look at all the kooky, whimsical, silly, and gorgeous offerings and consider something out of the box for any upcoming gift purchases. It’s a great, easy, and affordable way to support artists. I have no affiliations to Redbubble or the Kermit Hermit artist. I just so appreciated the work I felt inspired to share and hope that some chuckles will be had.

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