Effective Communication

I found this podcast to be extremely helpful! Dr. Rick Hanson, neuropsychologist and Buddhist meditation teacher does such a fabulous job of weaving eastern and western tradition together. This collaborative endeavor with his son models healthy masculine relationships. And this particular episode about communicating what we want in ways that are more likely to be heard and receive a positive response really captivated me.

In my Reiki Master Teacher class, we’ve been exploring how to know what we really want, aside from familial, cultural, and media conditioning. Surprisingly it’s more complicated than it seems! Uncovering our true desires often takes some detective work. In the classes, we’re excavating authentic desires for the purpose of setting clear and effective intentions for Reiki application.

The next step, which is beyond the scope of my current classes, is to then bring our requests to those who can help us achieve our desires. In the podcasts, things such as shared housework and child raising are addressed, as well as issues within the workplace and groups of friends.

Having studied and practiced Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-violent Communications, I find this approach to be somewhat softer and more malleable. What it really comes down to is a heartfelt attempt at cooperation in which all parties get their needs met in ways that benefit everybody. Pretty radical considering the competitive narrative of “I win, you lose” or vice versa that runs rampant.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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