Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love
Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love

What a wild ride the past six months have been for me! I moved from the mild climate of coastal California to the urban winter of Pennsylvania. I have no doubt that without the powerful tool of Reiki I would be an enormous emotional mess right now. Leaving behind beloved friends, sunrise walks along the ocean, and a blossoming private practice was extremely difficult. Sorting through belongings in order to decide what to pack and ship, give away, or donate was exhausting. Finding my way around the busy city of Philadelphia via public transit was stressful. Growing my business once again from the ground up and cultivating new relationships was indeed a labor of love, and quite time consuming. Building a new life from a completely blank slate requires a great deal of energy. The blessing of Reiki self-treatments have helped me remain sane during this whirlwind of change.

My health and peace of mind have been top priorities for the past two decades. I know that as an energyworker, taking good care of myself is a necessity to be of the highest service to my students and clients. It’s important for me to be vibrant and calm and able to remain fully present with others. Keeping my ki (AKA qi, chi, prana, life-force energy) flowing and my heart shining requires me to have healthful habits, pure thoughts, natural whole foods, lots of movement, creative expression, and a positive environment. Anyone who has ever moved across the street, let alone across the country, knows that without effort these things will not magically happen.

The beauty of Reiki is that it is super-easy and effective to treat oneself. In fact, it’s the most powerful tool I know for self-awareness, personal growth, and healing. And it is available to us practitioners wherever and whenever we want. Years ago I made the decision that I was worth the time and effort of a daily self-treatment, and I have not looked back since. Every night before I go to sleep I spend 10-20 minutes flowing this healing, nurturing energy to balance my body-mind-spirit and every morning I awaken feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day will bring. The return on my investment is beyond priceless and the benefits are too numerous to count.

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