Befriending Your Body Practice

Many of my recent posts have detailed the importance of having a healthy relationship with our bodies. I call this befriending the body, as opposed to treating the container that houses the soul as an inconvenience, a burden, or even an enemy.

Healing means accepting ALL of ourselves.

Including cellulite.

And wrinkles.

Grey hair.

Achy spots.

And body fat.

I made a short video of one of my favorite, super simple practices for befriending my own body using the infinite well of compassion that resides in the heart center.

I hope you’ll give it a try and perhaps consider making this a regular peace offering to yourself to cultivate greater health and happiness.

Reiki can supercharge practices such as this by infusing them with spiritually guided life-force energy. If you’re interested in having lifetime access to healing energy at your fingertips, consider attending my Reiki for Self-Care and Empowerment online training beginning 3/23/23. For those who want to actively participate in co-creating their highest and most joyful good, it’s a game changer.

Spring Special/ Remote Reiki Bundle

Spring Special/ Remote Reiki Bundle

There seems to be a common misconception that receiving a remote Reiki treatment is some sort of pathetic consolation prize for folks who can’t make it to the office for the real thing.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, I often find the potency of a remote session to be even more powerful. As if I can plug into the energetic grid directly without having to first sink through the layers of flesh.

Sure, it’s nice to get out of the (possibly chaotic) house and enter the serenity of a professional space. To have pleasant surroundings and a comfortable place to lie down where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the treatment. I can’t argue with that. But the environment is just the icing.

Reiki is not dependent on the setting in which it’s received.

Healing life-force energy surrounds us all, all the time. Sadly, as a modern society, we have become disconnected from nature’s rhythms and energies. That which was likely an organic and harmonious relationship for our ancestors has become estranged these days. For a trained Reiki provider, however, accessing this energy is simple and connecting it to others, near or far, couldn’t be easier.

Just as an automatic deposit into your checking account is no less valid than personally depositing a check at the bank, getting a Reiki infusion from the comfort of home is just as potent as an office visit.

Particularly for people who are too busy or not well enough to travel. You can get your medicine delivered to you, wherever you, at the times when you most need it!

Clients often wonder what they will feel during a session. That depends. How attuned are you to feeling subtle energies? Most of us have zero training in this realm. It’s common not to feel anything. For those with a devoted meditation, yoga, tai chi or qi gong practice, there might be some awareness of sensations like warmth or tingling. Perhaps not. Not feeling anything doesn’t mean it isn’t working. It just means we haven’t developed our feelers.

So how does it work logistically? That’s easy! Contact me to arrange an appointment and let me know what your goals for the session are. There’s absolutely nothing you need to do during the session itself. (There is no link, no recording. There’s nothing to see.) You can set yourself up for a period of relaxation if that feels good, or you can go on about your business. Reiki requires nothing from you other than the willingness to receive it.

I’ll connect Reiki with your energy field and open to guidance from a combination of Reiki itself, intuition, and directions from your higher self, or soul. Afterwards, I’ll send a message outlining the work I was led to do and follow-up suggestions, if any come through.

It really is that easy!

To make it even easier, I’m offering a Spring Special. The 4 for 3 Bundle. 4 Remote Reiki sessions for the price of 3 if purchased before June 1, 2023. You’ll have a year to use the sessions, so you can space them out accordingly.

Some people like to get biweekly or monthly treatments, others wait for special occasions or particularly stressful events. They could also be used as extra doses in between in-person sessions. It’s your choice, but I will just mention that consistent application is more likely to make noticeable shifts in wellness than sporadic application. Just like exercise and dental hygiene.

30 or 45 minute sessions are available.

Four 30 minute sessions = $150

Four 45 minute sessions = $225

That’s a 25% savings!

If you’d like to purchase a bundle as a gift, we can arrange that as well. I can provide a PDF gift certificate for you to email the recipient.

It’s my goal to make Reiki as accessible as possible to people who want to receive it. Next to taking a class and giving yourself daily doses of medicine (get on my mailing list if that’s your preferred route and keep in the loop about upcoming trainings), this is the most affordable option on my menu.

Remote Reiki -it’s just as powerful as in-person sessions.



Holistic Healing; What does that even mean?

Recently I wrote about my choice to heal a knee injury holistically. It prompted some questions about what holistic healing actually means.

First, a disclaimer.

I’m not a doctor and have no intention of providing any medical advice. I’m just sharing my story. I’ve been in training for the past 30 years, learning to listen to the wisdom of my body, my intuition, and divine guidance. This makes me particularly well equipped to go on such adventures.

I feel qualified to give this a go without medical intervention. I am able to walk freely, use the stairs, and put on my own socks. There is only mild inflammation in the joint, and no swelling or edema elsewhere. No discoloration or zingy nerve pain, tingling, burning, or numbness. Having treated hundreds of clients with injuries over the years, I feel confident that I’m within the realm of what I can handle.

Should I one day get a nudge to see a doctor and get X-rays or whatever, I will grumble for a few moments and release the attachment I have to doing it my way. I’m not too proud or too stubborn to get the help that I need.

Disclaimer complete.

To me, “holistic” means looking at the entire being, correcting any imbalances, and addressing ALL obstacles to wellness. This includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and circumstantial.

Rather than looking at the one joint that is complaining, I’m looking at every possible factor that affects this joint.

That means investigating the stability, strength, and flexibility (or lack thereof) of the feet and ankles. ALL the muscles that attach near or cross the knee (on both legs, they work as a team), particularly the quads and hamstrings, glutes, adductors, abductors, lateral rotators, and my frenemy, the psoas.

It means getting quality sleep, developing better body mechanics when I’m working, providing the nutrients that my body requires to repair tissue and heal. And flooding my entire system with Reiki frequently.

I’m also looking at my internal chatter and directly addressing the feelings and thoughts of irritation, annoyance, and impatience that arise around the situation. I’m not suppressing any of these, but I am actively engaging in cultivating acceptance and compassion as my default zone.

I’m seeing this event as an opportunity to do some internal inquiry and have found a deposit of old resentment that may not be related, but is definitely doing me no good. I’m letting myself feel the underlying hurt and disappointment while letting the energy move and release so that it will no longer impede the flow of life-force.

I’m also looking at the yin-yang (im)balance in my life. Am I overly focused on doing at the expense of being, am I relying on thinking more than feeling, or giving out of proportion to receiving? Do I need to slow down even more, stop and smell the roses, sit my butt down and be still?

A trusted friend has recommended barefoot shoes. I think that’s what they’re called. Shoes with a minimal sole. He makes a good argument and his story is compelling. I found myself utterly resistant as last year I bought FIVE new pairs of shoes. (I realize that might not be a lot for some people, but for me it really was.) Apparently, at age 50, my feet had grown (what?!) and I needed to replace a lot of my footwear. I went with cushy soles on all of them.

Then I caught myself- am I resisting a potential remedy simply because I’m highly invested in something else, something that might be less than helpful, and potentially harmful to me? Sheesh. That would be a YES. It’s so strange catching myself doing something so very human, yet so utterly ridiculous!

Which highlights the practice of examining attachment to the way things are and resistance to change. That is a pattern that can really inhibit mobility, particularly in the joints. Can I change my mind about something despite having spent a lot of money on it? Am I committed to continuing on my current path just because I don’t want to admit I might be going the wrong way?

These are the areas I’m exploring on this healing journey. I’m playing detective and investigating anything that could be contributing to the imbalance that causes this pain. Should I decide medical intervention in the form of a shot or pills would be helpful, I’d continue my sleuthing to get to the root of the problem, knowing that suppressing the symptoms is a temporary fix at best, and can sometimes mask deeper issues.

It’s been over a week since I started writing this article. I got sidetracked and am finally returning to put the finishing touches on the words I wrote many days ago. In that time, discomfort has decreased drastically and I’m able to move more freely. There are some movements that are still unmanageable, but there is definitely progress.

Whatever treatment you pursue for whatever ailments you may experience, I hope you’ll also make the effort to look at the bigger picture as well. These things tend to recur if the underlying conditions aren’t resolved. I hope I’ve managed to demonstrate that “underlying conditions” can mean any sort of imbalance- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, or circumstantial.

At the very least, it will give you something to ponder while you’re resting and waiting for the body to heal.

If you’d like to learn how to use Reiki to support endeavors like this, it’s last call for my Reiki for Self-Care and Empowerment online training. We begin on March 23. Having access to healing powers at my very fingertips is what makes all this possible.

Easy, Accessible, Doable Self-Care

Taking good care of ourselves can be a radical act in this day and age. Tapping into our inner wisdom, choosing to stay present with ourselves, and responding with compassion is downright revolutionary.

I’m not talking about tropical vacations, spa days, bath bombs, mani-pedis or goopy facial masks. (Unless that’s your thing.) There’s nothing wrong with pleasure-full indulgences, but that is not the heart of self-care.

What I’m talking about is committing to a daily practice of caring for yourself in only the way you can.

The simplest, safest, yummiest, and most impactful way I know how to do that (and I’ve been exploring for nearly 30 years!) is Reiki.

Anyone can learn how to do Reiki. It’s simply the art of connecting with universal life-force energy (which surrounds us all the time) and using intention and attention to direct it for well-being or any other goal that is aligned with your highest good.

It can be used to support magical and mystical studies, but in and of itself, it’s a very practical technique. There’s no need to have any woo-woo inclinations whatsoever (unless that’s your thing). The power is in the application. Meaning, when you make time to give yourself consistent Reiki treatments, over time you’ll see tremendous benefits.

It doesn’t require any special skills or pre-disposition. No fancy setup, music, crystals, oils, or herbs are necessary (unless that’s your thing).

All you need is a desire to experience something different and a willingness to take consistent action.

You’ll notice that I’ve used the word “consistent” several times. That’s because the work of healing means restoring balance in a world that is constantly promoting imbalance and integrating body, mind, and spirit in a culture that values the mind at the expense of the rest. Changing patterns against the tide requires devotion.

But it doesn’t need to be hard or even time-consuming. 10-20 minutes per day, most days of the week can contribute to amazing results. If you truly desire change, that’s a small price to pay!

I’ve created the most compact training for ordinary folks who want to participate in cultivating their own wellness, happiness, and creativity. My Reiki for Self-Care and Empowerment Class is coming up soon. It’s three 90- minute online classes. It’s the most convenient, affordable, accessible class I teach and it begins March 23, 2023.

Investment in yourself = $113.

Come and join the revolution.

Hello Old Injury and the Spiral Nature of Healing

Several years ago, I had a knee injury that I treated holistically. The chiropractor did a series of osteopathic tests and the conclusion was a torn meniscus. I documented the journey and have included the links to the full series below. After several months of a variety of natural and metaphysical treatments, I declared it good enough. The pain had ceased entirely and I had decent range of motion. It didn’t really want to bend deeply, but I came to terms with that pretty easily.

This week the pain has returned despite there being no moment of re-injury. It seems pretty clear to me that the work I’ve been doing to treat the stiffness and aching in my left hip and lower back loosened up the muscles that had been recruited to protect the knee.

Muscles in my thighs, gluts, and hips had rigidly tightened to prevent the movements that triggered knee pain. Over time, this imbalance affected other joints, causing problems elsewhere. Treating these secondary problems revealed the incomplete status of the previous healing. Not surprisingly, the hip and low back discomfort predate the knee injury, and likely stimulated the entire cycle decades ago. Just as I typed that last sentence, I recalled another knee incident, that harkens back to my days as a bicycle commuter. Oh, how easy it is to forget these things!

At each stage, healing has happened to the greatest degree it could at that time given my circumstances, resources, and abilities. As I’ve expanded my capacity to stay present with myself during uncomfortable feelings and sensations and accrued greater healing resources, I’ve now been given another opportunity to reach the next level of healing. Yay me.

Healing is not usually a linear process. Often there is no clear indication of the goal being achieved or what further steps need to be taken. I’m writing this post because I think it’s so important to understand that this is a common occurrence. There is still an imbalance that is calling out for my attention. I’ve decided to document, once again, the process I undertake and to share it for others on a similar journey. There are a lot of us!

While this seems to be a straightforward physical problem, experience has taught me that there are mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual components. I want to address all the parts of myself as their interconnectivity is not optional, even if unnoticed. For example, I do have strong feelings about experiencing pain, particularly pain that I thought had been healed. I have thoughts popping up about what I could have done differently and what my future entails. I have a distinct desire to turn away from the sensations and distract myself. These are all ingredients in my soup pot. Ignoring any of them won’t change the flavor of my soup.

So here’s the starting point. I’m allowing myself to really feel my body and what it’s saying to me. There are definitely movements that are being highly discouraged. Sitting cross-legged, particularly on the floor, is a big NO for now. I’m paying attention and complying as much as possible.

I’m not avoiding any of the accompanying thoughts, stories, projections, or emotions; neither am I feeding them. The container of my consciousness is vast enough to hold it all while still allowing the wiser parts of me to steer. I’ve come to a place of acceptance, the precursor to peace. I don’t mean resignation, the doomsday feeling that it is what it is and there’s nothing to be done. No, I simply mean accepting that this is indeed happening and there is no sense in fighting against reality.

For the most part, I haven’t often felt the need for any OTC meds because the pain generally arises only when I make certain movements. However the first night of this episode, I found myself unable to sleep despite propping my leg just right, so I took some ibuprofen. I’m not an advocate of unnecessary suffering and I also want to be able to receive the information my body provides. Somewhere in between pain and numbness is a balance.

I’m also flooding my knee, legs, and feet with Reiki. I trust that healing energy will help my body make the adjustments and repairs necessary as well as guide me to any additional interventions. I’m using my heating pad quite a lot. During the original injury, I followed the traditional guidelines and applied ice for the first 36 hours and it seemed to make the pain worse. I don’t need to repeat that lesson!

For now, that’s all I have to report. I’m sure additional therapies will come in to play and I’ll keep you posted.

Anyone else experiencing the return of symptoms from an old injury? How are you handling it?

Here are my previous posts, dating back almost exactly 5 years. It will be interesting to see how different the current treatment turns out to be.

Want to Change Your Story Around Suffering?

Check out this amazing 10 week meditation program my teacher is offering! I’m choosing to sit this one out as I’m already enrolled in her 8-month program which overlaps this one. She provides so much content and support that I don’t have the time for both. But I can wholeheartedly recommend Eva Beronius as a guide who is quite capable of showing you the realm beyond identification with the mind, and the freedom available to all of us who are willing to do the work.

I’ve copied and pasted the latest email from Eva below. I hope you’ll at least check it out, maybe get on her mailing list or listen to her podcast. I have no financial affiliations here, I’m just sharing the work that has shifted my trajectory dramatically. Plus there’s a significant discount available until the end of the month.

Here’s what Eva has to say.


9 years ago, I didn’t know how far away from feeling alive I was.

I thought what I was experiencing was living.

Because it seemed to be how most people around me were living.

I felt tired, drained of energy, and uninspired.

I experienced episodes of anxiety and panic attacks.

I had reactions in my relationships that I didn’t understand because none of them felt truly like me.

Insecurities, jealousy, and anger that I felt ashamed of after they appeared.

Reactions, patterns, and emotions that I wanted nothing to do with.

So I tried to escape.

By managing them with control and distraction.

Diving into work projects. And life projects. And working out.

I got addicted to the dopamine and the satisfaction that these projects gave my ego, and my mind would drive my body hard.

With no energy left for being, for enjoying.

Without connection to what I truly wanted or trust in myself.

And the emotional reactions would still bubble up – often stronger than ever when they managed to surface.

Do you recognize this, Pamela?

Reactions that seem scary and out of control?

Negative mind chatter that is weighing you down?

Escaping into work or distractions?

Lack of energy and no trust in life or what you want?

And even when you have started growing your awareness, changing beliefs, and have found self-awareness and healing work…

…the voices have morphed and are telling you that you:

👉 have to practice more

👉 will feel bad if you miss your morning meditation

👉 should do more journaling

👉 should be further along by now

👉 are failing when you’re having an uncomfortable emotion

👉 are failing when you’re making a judgment

And every time your mind is telling you this, or something like it, you can feel your body contract, your stress levels going up.

The impulse to fix, to do better, to work harder.

Or to pull a blanket over your head and give up.

Even though you are trying to counter with breathing and gratitude.

That old program of protection, “shoulds”, and “musts” is still there, just in a new form.

And you feel beaten down by it.

Trapped in your head.

Stuck in analyzing and trying to figure it all out.

Struggling with feeling and connecting with your emotions.

Struggling with connecting with what you want.

Are you willing to keep paying the price of identifying with your mind?

Or is this a time in your life when you feel ready to make a deeper shift in how you relate to your mind?

Often, the price of making the investment in commitment, time, energy, intent, and money to make the change, is a fraction of the investment you’re making in managing the old structure.

The investment you’re making every day into believing lies.

Today, I know that 9 years ago I was living without magic.

Disconnected from the magic inside that had been there all along.

I was identified with my thinking mind, and therefore, believing its view of the world and myself.

Today, life is still this strange, un-knowable place with pain and struggles at times…

The difference is that I truly and fully love it.

Every moment of it.

That I feel alive.

That I feel consciousness inside me and in everything around me.

That I feel what I want and navigate from there.

That I allow all experiences – especially the hurt and discomfort – to crack me further open.

I want you to experience that too.

That’s why I share what I share, in the best way I can at the moment.

So I encourage you to invest in magic.

In feeling fully alive.

In changing the relationship with your mind.

And I celebrate however you make that investment.

If you want to do it with me, join me in Beyond the Mind

The 10-week online journey into consciousness, with simple weekly practices that, when followed, will make the shifts for you.

You need about an hour per week + 15 minutes most days + 1 minute of playful awareness here and there.

The doors are open now – with a 30% discount until March 1.

 => Join Beyond the Mind with the limited-time discount

You move through the practices in your own time, and the monthly live sessions will keep going, so you could get it now at the discounted rate and start working through the course content whenever it suits you.

Wishing you the experience of YOU,


Feeling Overwhelmed? I am, and here’s how I’m working with it.

For the past few months, I’ve been making videos about how I approach common maladies with holistic and energetic techniques. Life gives me consistent material and I simply record what I’m doing for myself. There are a number of very simple tools that can be used for a wide variety of challenges.



Slowing down

Reducing unnecessary stimulation




And my all-time favorite, Reiki

If you experience overwhelm, you can get relief in just a few minutes. Better yet, you can minimize overwhelm’s frequency, duration, and intensity by aligning your behavior with your values and vision and regulating the nervous system.

The most effective and affordable approach I know it to learn how to give yourself Reiki treatments. If the do-it-yourself suggestion triggers even more overwhelm, consider booking a session. Relief is just a few clicks away.

Reiki, Menopause, and Frozen Shoulder: A Holistic Approach

Menopausal Frozen Shoulder.

What? Yup. It’s a thing.

I’m in a curious position, at the age 51, approaching perimenopause, and experiencing symptoms that would likely go overlooked if not for my peers’ suggestions that seemingly random events could be related to hormonal changes.

When I tweaked my shoulder several months ago, my good friend told me she endured the same misery during menopause and gave me the phrase to search online, I was shocked. But I followed up and whaddya know? Menopausal Frozen Shoulder, which I have nicknamed FroSho, is seriously a thing.

My search engine investigation indicates that nearly 70% of those who suffer from frozen shoulder are women, age 40-60. Obviously a correlation, not a causation. But it got me to thinking about two things.

One. How do I heal this painful condition with mysterious origins?

And, two. WTF? Why would a drop in estrogen or the cessation of menstruation affect the shoulder joint? (Hint: I’ve come to see that it’s much more complex that this!)

I’ll share the highlights of how I got to a much more comfortable place using a wide range of holistic techniques. You’ll see some familiar suggestions here about heat and massage, but the mental-emotional component is what really made the difference.

As with all holistic healing, it took time and diligence for me to recover. The pain faded pretty quickly, and these days only pops up when I overexert or overextend. My range of motion is gradually increasing, but still has a way to go. I no longer feel panicked about the possibility of needing an extreme medical intervention or being permanently impaired. Perhaps most importantly, I was forced to look at my belief system and ferret out a few rotten apples.  

I allowed myself to feel ALL the sensations and emotions. When the pain flared, I listened. My body was speaking to me, and to the best of my ability, I took note, and responded compassionately. I noticed which movements activated the pain and adjusted my behavior accordingly.

I’m not a complete diva, so obviously there are limits to my capacity to do so. I focused on progress, not perfection. When I realized my shopping bag was too heavy for my current condition and I was still several blocks from my home, I continued to carry it. AND I have since made adjustments so that wouldn’t happen again.

I’ve worked with clients in this same situation, many of whom felt the initial OW! and kept going with what they were doing, most likely worsening the injury. One was scrubbing the floor and finished the job. Another was giving a massage and also finished the job. We all do what we have to do, but I cannot emphasize enough- do an honest evaluation at any critical moment like this and truly decide… is this something I HAVE to do? Is it worth adding MONTHS to my recovery time and massive discomfort to my everyday life?

If it isn’t essential to your life or livelihood or the well-being of someone for whom you are responsible, can you do the revolutionary act of just STOPPING? It’s my suspicion that we’ve been so programmed to override our bodies’ messages, particularly women and even more so mothers, that many of us have simply forgotten how to care for ourselves. That begins with discontinuing nonessential activities that cause suffering.

Paying attention and responding to sensation with compassion was a huge component of my healing work.

I used Reiki every day, saturating my shoulder with healing life- force and restoring the flow of energy through the joint. Simple movements within the small range of what was comfortable, self-massage with arnica and anti-inflammatory essential oils, and heat became a part of my daily routine. I increased the bodywork I receive from once to twice per month.

There was a week when the pain was pretty intense in the first month of this episode that called for ibuprofen. That’s generally not my first response to pain as it addresses the symptoms, but not the cause, and interferes with the messages pain conveys. AND I’m not an advocate for senseless suffering. I continued my healing efforts and allowed myself to cope with the discomfort as needed. For me, there is a time and a place for pharmaceutical intervention and while it might be infrequent, I am not too proud or stubborn to take the edge of pain when I need it.

There’s nothing very radical about the physical approach I took. What was especially interesting was the exploration of the psyche; uncovering unconscious beliefs, thought patterns, and unexpressed emotions that could have been stored in the shoulder, blocking the flow of life-force and affecting my posture.

Reiki was especially helpful in this phase. It gave my the courage to honestly look within and the clarity to assess what I found. Restoring the flow of life-force exposed several ugly truths that I needed to address to allow the healing to unfold. Reiki provided the support of regulating my nervous system so I wasn’t constantly swimming in a sea of adrenaline or trying to navigate life in fight, flight, or freeze mode.  

The shoulders represent the burdens that we carry, including the “shoulds” that were downloaded through cultural conditioning. The beliefs that I should be this, but not that; I should act this way, not that way; and I should look a certain way too. When these unconscious beliefs are in conflict with our conscious values, it can create an energy of resentment that can trigger inflammation and a defensive, tense posture. Same with our responsibilities and any other burdens.  

I’m pretty familiar with my inner landscape from decades of spelunking in my inner caverns, but I was able to flush out some problematic patterns from the deep shadows. It’s not easy to admit that we carry unflattering or self-destructive baggage, but it’s a whole lot easier than dragging it around for a lifetime.

Energetically, I view the hands as the conduit for expressing from the heart, and the shoulder as an intersection through which that energy must flow. I had a long, hard look at my work as well as my creative expression, and found some areas that were misaligned.

Finally, it has not been lost on me that the number one thing I have been unable to do in this state is to hook a bra behind my back. My arm just doesn’t bend that way! Putting on coats or a backpack are a bit tricky, but I can manage well enough. But those pesky hooks are a definite no-go. I’ve spend a fair amount of time wondering if this is a factor in the correlation between middle-aged women and frozen shoulder? Along with ignoring messages of discomfort, is there an element of resentment around constrictive undergarments? Something to think about!

I think the biggest message I’d like to convey here is that we can save ourselves some suffering if we listen to our bodies, explore our misaligned belief systems, and stop suppressing anger, fear, grief, and resentment. And Reiki is the perfect tool for doing all of that.

Holistic Tips for Clearing Your Energy

I get so many requests for and questions about releasing toxic or negative energy. If you’re even remotely empathic, it’s likely that you absorb energy from other folks, environments and situations. It can feel heavy, slimy, icky, and downright gross!

One way to start off the new year on the right foot would be to create healthy energy hygiene habits. I find spending time in nature, under the sky, amongst the trees, and by running water to work magic for me!

Since that isn’t always practical, I made a short video of super-easy techniques anyone can use to clear out unwanted energy.

I misspoke when I mentioned “dry brushing”. The Reiki technique is called “dry bathing”, and is just what it sounds like. Getting clean without water. Anyone can do it!

If you want some professional help or guidance, I can do that too! There are a variety of ways this could happen, depending on whether you want to simply lie back and let me do the work, or learn how to do it yourself. A popular approach is to get a session (remote Reiki or in-person Reiki in Philadelphia) to do a deep clean, followed by a Reiki class or intuitive coaching so you can do the maintenance yourself.

Can’t You Just Fix Me?

I get it. I understand why folks frequently ask me this question and why they’re disappointed with my response.

No. I can’t fix you.

You’re not broken.

Maybe a bit dented or rumpled or worn around the edges, but I promise, you’re not broken. Your body and psyche may have experience some neglect, abuse, misuse, or trauma, but your soul is indestructible.

Very often the complaints that clients bring to me are the messages their souls are sending, pleading for attention. These aches and pains, neurosis and upsets, are a call for help. I can’t wave a magic wand and make them go away; nor would I if I could! When we ignore these messages, they usually become louder and more insistent in the form of greater discomfort or dysfunction.

What I can do is help you to receive the messages and begin to correct your trajectory. This might be as simple as giving yourself consistent care in the form of treatment or learning how to give yourself Reiki healing energy. Either of these approaches will likely reveal the next steps- things like getting more rest, better nutrition, honoring your feelings and needs, or expressing yourself.

Those are steps you’ll need to make yourself. I can support you along the way and provide nurturance, comfort, and guidance in a variety of ways, and I’ll be delighted to do so.

If your health or life need a makeover, Reiki is an excellent tool to have in your toolbox. But the willingness to make the necessary changes is beyond my sphere of power. That’s up to you.

I can show you the path, but it’s your responsibility to take each step.

Let me know when you’re ready to begin. Wherever you are in the world, you can receive remote Reiki or intuitive coaching. We can also do Reiki-massage or in-person Reiki in Philadelphia.