Radical Self-Care, Listen to Your Gut

I have a big decision to make about work this week. The numbers are all in support of saying “yes” to an opportunity, but I am feeling hesitant. When I sit quietly and tune in to my inner knowing, my intuition is not onboard. When my head is telling me one thing, and my gut says something entirely different, I know I need to get clear about my goals. I can’t choose the best route to my destination without knowing where it is.

Rather than ignoring the dissonance I sense and choosing the intellectually sound option, I have asked for time. Fortunately I’ve learned to recognize the uneasiness that signals my intuition is trying to warn me of discomfort ahead. I’ve never ignored this phenomenon and not regretted it later. This is one lesson I’m not willing to repeat!

As it turns out there are factors that cannot be evaluated by accounting alone. My needs for freedom and joy do not fit neatly into financial planning columns. Physical and mental wellness cannot be measured in dollars and not all hours spent at work are equal. Sometimes increasing income is not the best way to honor one’s dreams and more work of a less desirable nature is not necessarily an opportunity. And when a potential decision makes me cringe, it’s definitely a sign that I haven’t considered less tangible information.

It’s time to create some clarity about my goals on all levels; career and finances, health and well-being, personal growth, and relationships. While I’m pretty sure that I’m going to decline this seeming opportunity, I’m going to take the time to sit with the decision. Will it get me closer to any of my goals? Will it actually improve my quality of life in this moment? Will it create more joy and freedom today or just the potential for it down the road? For me, all of these considerations are much more important than columns of numbers. My gut is speaking to me loud and clear, and I fully intend to listen.

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