Floating Effortlessly, Thanks to Reiki

During these times of uncertainty and conflicting information from the media, I’m more grateful than ever for the amazing power of Reiki. It helps me tap into my inner wisdom. I find myself gently nudged in the direction my soul wishes me to go and when I follow along, things fall magically into place, just as if I’m effortlessly floating downstream.

Sometimes I forget how easy it can be and opt to paddle with gusto, trying and failing to get upstream. During these episodes, the nudges grow stronger, eventually becoming prods and finally discomfort intervenes as a last ditch effort to get my attention.

For the most part I’ve learned to avoid unnecessary discomfort by noticing synchronicity as well as my yearnings and moving in the direction my inner GPS suggests. I’ve been using Reiki to awaken my intuition for many years now and intentionally welcome the communication wholeheartedly.

Usually. 🙂 Sometimes I struggle against the flow, meeting obstacle after obstacle until I remember. Go with the flow. Abraham Hicks has said over and over and over again, everything I want is downstream.

Downstream is easy. I just stop paddling and the current carries me.

It might not always look easy from the outside as my path seems to frequently contradict the status quo. But I’m given the guidance and support I need every step of the way.

The longer I follow this path, the deeper my trust grows. Reiki helps me access my soul’s guidance and take action when I’m inspired to do so, and to remain patient when I’m not. No easy feat, but very doable with Reiki’s help.

Dream Message

“Give it up. Stop!” This is the message I received in a dream last week. Yes, lyrics from Tom Petty’s song “Don’t Come Around Here No More”. What can I say- I went to high school in the 80’s and pop music was my primary language. A most effective message from dreamland as it stuck with me when most dreams fade upon waking.

As I’ve been asking for guidance through my dreams, it seemed really important to listen. I teach my Reiki students that intuition is like a friend. If you don’t answer the phone, she’ll eventually stop calling. While I’m courting dream guidance, it would be prudent to actually heed it!

Give what up? was the obvious question. Caffeine was the answer that came loud and clear. @#$%

Naturally, I negotiated.

Really! So silly, I know. I decided to cut back from 2 or 3 cups of green tea down to one. That seemed a reasonable decision.

Then a few days later the headache began. My response? I forgot all about the dream and increased my caffeine intake as that often helps resolve the problem for me. But this headache lasted for three days. That’s unheard of for me. This morning, Day Four, it lingered on. As I sat quietly contemplating on the patio (with a cup of black tea no less! Hey I’ve been miserable for the past three days, don’t I at least deserve a few sips of comfort?), I remembered.

It became quite clear that my body was telling me, YELLING at me, demanding that I give it up- stop! I had failed to heed the gentle warning and now I was receiving the message the hard way- through pain.

So I took one last sip, and poured out that delicious tea. Now I’m drinking a rooibos latte and enjoying it greatly. I’m confident this blasted headache will fade as the caffeine exits my system. I will allow myself a moment to grieve over an old friend who won’t come around here no more, and then I will celebrate a new level of reduced inflammation, deeper sleep, and greater clarity and creativity.

And that’s totally worth it.

Radical Self-Care, Listen to Your Gut

I have a big decision to make about work this week. The numbers are all in support of saying “yes” to an opportunity, but I am feeling hesitant. When I sit quietly and tune in to my inner knowing, my intuition is not onboard. When my head is telling me one thing, and my gut says something entirely different, I know I need to get clear about my goals. I can’t choose the best route to my destination without knowing where it is.

Rather than ignoring the dissonance I sense and choosing the intellectually sound option, I have asked for time. Fortunately I’ve learned to recognize the uneasiness that signals my intuition is trying to warn me of discomfort ahead. I’ve never ignored this phenomenon and not regretted it later. This is one lesson I’m not willing to repeat!

As it turns out there are factors that cannot be evaluated by accounting alone. My needs for freedom and joy do not fit neatly into financial planning columns. Physical and mental wellness cannot be measured in dollars and not all hours spent at work are equal. Sometimes increasing income is not the best way to honor one’s dreams and more work of a less desirable nature is not necessarily an opportunity. And when a potential decision makes me cringe, it’s definitely a sign that I haven’t considered less tangible information.

It’s time to create some clarity about my goals on all levels; career and finances, health and well-being, personal growth, and relationships. While I’m pretty sure that I’m going to decline this seeming opportunity, I’m going to take the time to sit with the decision. Will it get me closer to any of my goals? Will it actually improve my quality of life in this moment? Will it create more joy and freedom today or just the potential for it down the road? For me, all of these considerations are much more important than columns of numbers. My gut is speaking to me loud and clear, and I fully intend to listen.

Knowing better

I’ve come to notice that when I deliberately choose to do something that I know is not in alignment with my values, the consequences are harsher for me than if someone else engages in that same behavior, but without the knowingnes. The difference, it seems, is that not only am I absorbing negativity or toxins from the action, but I am a separating my mind and body from my spirit. It is this splintering that is the most damaging to our well-being.

Reiki, and especially my daily self-treatments, helps guide me to my highest good. It opens me up to receive messages about how to  achieve my goals. Quite often I get a message during my meditation that a certain habit or behavior is blocking my progress.  The most recent example was when several months ago I realized that my morning mug of black tea with agave nectar and almond milk was interfering with my energy field. Well, I was quite attached to the ritual of my morning cup of tea! I carried on, despite the intuitive guidance. Nothing drastic happened; there was no illness or catastrophe that resulted from my impudence. Yet each sip was infused with a hint of guilt because I knew I wasn’t making the decision to pursue my highest good. So now, not only did I have the original deed on my conscience, but the added weight of self-criticism. I believe it was the latter that was more injurious than the former.

Eventually I decided that enough was enough. I wasn’t yet ready to forgo the habit, but I chose to love and accept myself while enjoying my tea. And do you know what? A short week later, I really had no interest in having it anymore. It was easy to replace my morning drink with a cleansing cup of warm lemon water. I had no cravings or withdrawal pains. It truly was miraculous. I brought my mind, body, and spirit back into alignment where they all began working together to support my highest good. Now that I am caffeine-free, I am noticing better quality sleep and more energy throughout the day even though I am naturally waking up earlier. My intuition knew that by letting  go of this seemingly harmless habit that I could accomplish more of what was really important to me. Giving up the judgement and guilt was the key to creating a healthy energy flow and the subsequent ease of making the shift.

Negative thoughts and feelings block our ki (life force energy) as well as our internal guidance. Our spirits know that we are perfect, whole, and complete just the way we are. When we behave in ways that deny this truth, it interrupts the flow of energy that keeps us healthy and vibrant. Simply being kind to ourselves, no matter what our current choices are, creates a shield of dignity that enhances our well-being and motivates us to be truer to ourselves. It might seem ironic, but self-acceptance truly seems to be the magic that produces transformation.






Spiritual Growth

For the past three months, I have been working with a fellow suffering from the darkness of depression. He reported feeling completely apathetic and fatigued all the time. He called me after hearing about Reiki from a colleague and decided that it was worth a try. He was getting desperate as several months on prescription meds had made no improvement in his mood or energy level.  Each session he announces that he is shifting and beginning to feel more like himself. He is showing an interest in moderate exercise, small social gatherings, and hobbies that had been completely absent on the day we met. In fact, when I asked him what activities brought the most joy into his life, he looked at me blankly and was unable to respond.

Last week his intention for the session surprised me. He wanted to focus on spiritual growth. Now, this is by no means an unusual request for a Reiki session. In fact, it’s one that is so aligned with the principles of Reiki, that I believe it is a natural side-effect of all Reiki sessions. My surprise derived from the fact that he had not mentioned any interest in spirituality or expansion of consciousness at all during previous sessions. His intentions had been strictly in the mental/emotional realm. As a practitioner, I am keenly aware of my client’s needs and comfort zone, and am able to meet them where they are. Reiki is amazingly versatile and can be used for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or energetic purposes with ease. He asked for help balancing the psyche, so that is what I focused on while knowing that his spirit was also receiving a dose of healing.

I believe that as his mind grew more clear and his emotions more balanced, he naturally came to realize that the source of his distress was spiritual in nature. I also believe that Reiki helped guide him toward this realization when he was ready to receive it. He is now understanding with more and more clarity that his lifestyle for many years was not aligned with his spirit. He ignored the increasingly demanding messages from his intuition that he was off track, not wishing to be bothered with making changes, until finally his discomfort became so intense that he sought the healing that would help him return to himself. Now that he is aware that an injured spirit is the underlying factor of his depression, he can begin to make small, simple changes to his daily life that will correct his trajectory, putting him back on his own evolutionary path.

I’m truly amazed at how this process unfolded organically, in just the right time and space for him to understand and be willing to accept his mission of re-alignment. The healing energy of Reiki is spiritually guided and therefore allows each of us to receive exactly what we need, exactly when we need it most. And that is the beauty of this work! There is nothing to do except allow it to flow. The Divine takes care of the details. However, it is ultimately up to each of us to follow through with the action we have been guided to take.