Radical Self-Care, So-long Caffeine!

I’m  feeling pretty stiff after a full day of giving massages. Yoga definitely helps, as does being aware of body mechanics while I’m working. Yet there is much room for improvement! I’m remember doing a cleanse earlier this year based on Dr. Alejandro Junger’s book, Clean. I’m easing my way into a purer diet based on his suggestions because of the spectacular relief I experienced. It was like traveling back to a time before I knew muscle tension and joint achiness!

I’ve done lots of detoxes over the past two decades. What stands out for me about this one was that I gave up all caffeine for three weeks. Usually I continue to consume green tea for the antioxidants and other health benefits while cleansing. I had a huge epiphany that even the small amount of caffeine in green tea contributed to feelings of anxiety, sensations of stiffness, and disrupted my sleep somewhat. As impressed as I was, somehow I fell back into my ritual of having two or three cups of black or green tea each morning. The symptoms returned so gradually that I just didn’t notice the impact of this discretion.

If your interested in the science behind cleansing, I do recommend his book. I’m not sure if it’s the caffeine itself, or perhaps an acidic internal environment that leads to inflammation. Having had the experience of it’s absence, I don’t really care about the cause! I’m just eager to return to that freedom of sleeping deeply and jumping out of bed at 6am, well-rested and free of all aches and pains. So I’m saying goodbye to an old friend. This morning I will savor my last cup of black tea with honey and coconut creamer. This afternoon I will linger over my last cup of green tea with a few drops of stevia. Tomorrow I will switch to rooibos “lattes” and licorice tea. Coz nothing tastes as good as pain-free feels!


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