Radical Self-Care, Enjoy a Facial!

I rarely get facials. Twice per month I do an elaborate skin-care ritual at home with masks and goops to promote healthy, clear skin; and to be honest, I’d rather have a massage if I’m going to spend that kind of money. However I’ve been having trouble finding the right products for my skin in the hot, humid climate where I now live. So I decided to seek some professional advice.

I’m pleased to have been educated about some things I’d been doing wrong and about the line of Dr. Hauschka products I ordered afterwards. Pricey, yes, but pure ingredients backed by scientific research, and most definitely a step up from most of the so-called natural brands found at a health food store. (Just because the word “organic” is printed on the label, or even in the brand name, doesn’t actually seem to mean much when you read carefully.) Over the past week of my new regime, I have noticed an improvement.

However the greatest benefit I received from this experience was an awareness of how little I practice self-care while performing skin-care. During the facial, I noticed how gentle and soothing her touch was. Nothing like when I’m cleansing, toning, and moisturizing! I realized that I’m rough and rushed and not at all kind to my face. It’s something I just power through to get it over with so I can move on the next thing I need to accomplish.

As much as I’m enjoying the new products, the epiphany I had about the approach to using them was even more  fantastic! I’m not talking about spending a lot of time either; merely two minutes twice per day. That’s the same amount of time I spend brushing my teeth! No big deal, really, but the change in attitude is huge. Including skin-care as an act of self-care, something I do to nourish and be kind to myself, seems pretty simply but is actually a radical shift in my consciousness. I can only imagine that the effects will ripple out into other areas of my life as well.


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