The Universe Listens

My day unfolded much differently than expected. A client wasn’t feeling well and postponed her session, allowing me to choose the course of my afternoon. I decided to do a few chores before heading to the woods for my nature therapy session. And once I was there, I felt a nudge to try a different path, hoping it might help me navigate the neighborhood while avoiding automobiles. Looking back, I now believe these seemingly random events were setting me up for a treat later.

About the time I realized that this path led me nowhere I wanted to go, I had the thought that it had been weeks since I’d seen any critters bigger than a squirrel. I sent a silent petition out to the universe to bless me with a wild animal sighting.

The wind picked up and I decided it was time to head home. Just as I crossed the bridge back into familiar territory, I heard the sound of a large body crashing through the underbrush. I was certain that it wasn’t human as we’re all treading lightly these days. The snow has melted in some spots, is melting in others, but mostly was partially melted and then frozen over, making it quite slick. Hopeful that my wish had been granted, I looked around and spotted a deer across the way.

I texted a friend that I’d sent out the request and had been granted the sight of the rump of a deer, supposing that was good enough for a Thursday afternoon. As soon as I pushed send, I saw two other white tails bobbing along. I texted again, “Make that TWO more rumps!” As soon as I pushed send, I heard a hawk screech. It’s a sound that always stops me in my tracks. I looked up to see not one, not two, but three of them circling above.

Naturally, I had to report this development as well, which earned me the reply, “The universe listened.”

Indeed it did! In fact, it’s always listening! That’s why I endeavor to speak more about what I wish to create than about what I wish to avoid. It’s easy to fill the mind with thoughts of gratitude to break the habit of focusing on the negative (which, btw is how are brains are wired. It’s a survival thing, albeit not so much helpful in today’s day and age.). Rather than thinking that I hope I don’t fall on the ice, or twist my ankle or … well, you know… I turn my thoughts to appreciation.

I’m so grateful for the boots that keep my feet warm and dry. I’m glad the sun is shining, and the days are getting longer. It’s so great that I have the opportunity to visit the woods frequently. You get the idea.

And when I’m really on my game, I remember to toss in a request for something I’d like to experience like creature sightings. And to find that missing umbrella, or perhaps even a better one, and to finish that library book before it’s due.

The icing on the cake today was the numerical message so obvious when I look back at the text thread. One, two, three. If it was followed by a four, I could interpret the series as “things are moving along” according to the oh-so-wise Laura Bruno. I had to laugh when I realized that today is the fourth of March. If I were European I’d write the date as 4/3/21.

Not only does the universe listen, but it also sends us messages. We just need to pay attention.  

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