“Breath of Life” by Danna Faulds

This morning I joined a guided meditation online and the teacher shared this poem that touched me deeply. A reminder that breath is a conduit into healing and wholeness, accessible in each moment. And if you’re interested in a lovely online meditation community, you might enjoy Mind Oasis. Of course, you can meditate on your own without any props or guidance, but sometimes it’s nice to connect with others who share the values of mindfulness, peace, and compassion.

I breathe in All That Is-

Awareness expanding

to take everything in,

as if my heart beats

the world into being.

From the unnamed vastness beneath the mind,

I breathe my way into wholeness and healing.

Inhalation. Exhalation.

Each Breath a “yes,”

and a letting go, a journey, and a coming home.

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