The Intuition Chronicles: Using Reiki to Connect

Perhaps the most common question I hear from students is, “How do I connect with my intuition?” My answer is simple: set an intention to do so and apply Reiki.

I suspect they are looking for an answer more along the lines of signing up for email notifications. 

“Dear Pamela. This is your intuition. Now that you have subscribed, I’ll be sending your clear and direct messages about how to proceed with the pivotal moments of your life. Just sit back and relax. I’ve got you.”

Or maybe a direct download, like in The Matrix when Neo learned Kung Fu simply from an inserted program. Poof! Instant mastery.

Wouldn’t that be nice!

In truth, it’s more like learning to play an instrument or speak another language. The Intuition Chronicles is a series of posts I’m being guided to write about accessing intuition. Connecting is the first step.

It takes practice. Consistent practice. 

Reiki can help with each of the steps. The power is in the application. Just like buying the yoga mat does not yield the benefits of yoga, simply taking a Reiki class does not offer magical rewards unless we use it. Given that many of us have been conditioned to value the intellect over intuition, repetition is required to make a shift.

So we start by making a commitment to devoted practice. Set aside 10 minutes per day and an hour each week to do your intuition exercises and you’ll soon see progress. Make it a priority like brushing your teeth or bathing; otherwise it will easily get bumped for more immediate concerns. But really, what could be more important than receiving guidance from your soul? 

This is where Reiki comes in. If you’re finding it difficult to make this first step, apply Reiki. “My intention is to release all resistance to developing my intuitive skills.” Activate the healing energy and any of the sacred symbols available to you and proceed with your Reiki practice. I don’t recommend focusing on any particular area as resistance is sneaky and can hide anywhere. Use the hand positions you were taught in class.

Sure, I get it. These are baby steps and you want to fly. Yet this is the starting point for most of us. We have to make an effort to undoing a lifetime’s (probably several lifetimes’!) worth of programming that if we can’t see and measure data, it doesn’t exist. Building new neural pathways and trust in the metaphysical world is a process. 

Give it a try. Cultivate your willingness to practice. 

Watch for upcoming posts. This is a complex issue and there are many facets. You’ll get there, I promise. We all have access to guidance and inner wisdom. It may have been covered by many layers of doubt or fear, but it is still there within us. Every journey begins with the first step. Why not begin today?

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