Using Reiki as Travel Insurance

Reiki is a handy tool for all sorts of things. Most people know it as an alternative healing modality, but it can also be used for cultivating ease, abundance, harmony, creativity, connection, and so much more! It’s not effective for creating that which is not aligned with the soul’s purpose or manipulating others, but all authentic needs and desires can be supported with this energy. Recently I used it as a form of travel insurance.

The moment I booked my airline tickets, I began applying Reiki for A Smooth and Easy Trip. It was a lot more productive than worrying about all the undesirable outcomes travelers have been experiencing lately. Using visual aids helps me to focus my attention, so I drew a map and created a crystal grid of sorts. I spent several minutes every day saturating it with Reiki.

I think what actually happens when using Reiki to support preferred outcomes is that it brings me into alignment with that which I desire and removes barriers within myself to receiving or experiencing it. Basically, it helped me become someone who is a vibrational match for smooth and easy travels, and enlists the universe’s aid in making it happen.

Every leg of my journey was simply perfect. I was guided to leave much earlier than logic suggested and took a Lyft to a train station based on a gut feeling, even though I could have walked to a closer station. Every other plan I considered for getting to the airport triggered a “meh” feeling that led me to keep trying out options. Eventually this particular idea felt like a “YES!” clicking into place internally.

I arrived at my first destination on time and easily retrieved my rental car. I spent two lovely days with a dear friend enjoying wonderful company, delightful weather, fantastic meals, and nature. I joked that perhaps my “smooth and easy” intention included the forecast even though I hadn’t specifically tuned into that. She smiled mischievously and confessed to working some weather magic herself. (It helps to have friends with Reiki skills!)

Happily, her efforts covered the next stage of my trip: a ferry across Lake Michigan. I really loved this journey! The temperature was ideal for spending a bit of time up on the deck, allowing the crazy wind to blow off all the outdated and stagnant energies that our visit had loosened. Just what I needed before navigating urban traffic in an unknown city. Not my favorite thing, but it went well enough.

The first day at my next destination was rainy, yet this was also perfect. It seemed like the weather was suggesting that we do all the indoor activities such as viewing art (even better when your friend is an enthusiastic curator!) and shopping for souvenirs and chocolate. That freed up the following days to check out a gigantic flea market, spend time in nature, and dunk myself in Lake Michigan. BRRR! It all worked out better than if we’d tried to plan the specifics.

Perhaps the most amazing factor was my return flight arriving 25 minutes early and walking to the train platform to find one ready to depart. I got home an hour earlier than expected! Funny, I’m just now realizing that I had left an hour earlier than necessary at the beginning of my trip. Somehow that hour got returned to me in the end when I was able to enjoy it rather than pacing the living room anxiously.

If I had set my intention for “flights being on time”, I might have missed out on this getting- home- early bonus. I chose “smooth and easy” because that allows for change without disruption or discomfort and the possibility of unforeseen upgrades. It didn’t matter to me if flights were on time if I got to where I was going with minimal stress. And I did!

If you’re interested in having Reiki super-powers that help you go with the flow and enjoy the optimal wellness, creativity, and joy available to you, consider taking a class. Anyone can learn Reiki in a short amount of time and have a lifetime full-access pass to spiritually guided life-force energy. It certainly comes in handy when traveling. Really, this stuff works!

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