Reiki Fun for Lazy Practitioners

I’m always on the lookout to make my Reiki practice easier and more efficient. Even better if it can be playful and fun as well! My goal is to be immersed in healing energy full-time. I do, however, still have things that need doing- emails to write, food to prepare, annoying fitted sheets to fold. So how can I keep the Reiki flowing even when I’m otherwise occupied?

Crystals are a great help. I store Reiki in all sorts of stones when I have time to spare and later, I can draw from these deposits as needed. I’m usually wearing a crystal necklace (pink quartz is the current fave), carrying a few in my pocket, or hanging out with them. You can find families of crystals on my desk, nightstand, and kitchen counter. Several join me in the bathtub along with the salts and essential oils.

My latest epiphany emerged recently while I was doing Reiki healing attunements. Part of the process involves filling the room with Reiki to amplify the results. I happened to glance up at the ceiling fan and… LIGHTBULB MOMENT! It occurred to me that I could utilize the swirling blades to spread Reiki throughout the space.

I realize that Reiki does not rely on any mechanism to disperse; it responds to intention and the greatest good, not technology. To clarify, I could use the fan to spark my imagination and help focus on my intention, which would in turn saturate the space with healing vibes. Where attention goes, energy flows.  

Reiki is great for infusing a space with desired energies, such as peace or creativity. This is a technique that any beginning practitioner can perform without any props. It’s simple and easy, but being the lazy practitioner I am, I realized that it could be even more simple and easy by Reiki’ing the fan to distribute the energy throughout the room.

One of the absolute best things about a Reiki practice (and there are so many!) is how customizable it is. For those who prefer structure, it’s possible to adopt a set way of doing things and continue repeating the protocol. For those of us who rebel against that sort of thing, there is infinite possibility for innovation. It’s all an experiment to me.

Just as I’ve activated my shower filter to infuse water with healing energy, now my fans have been treated and are spreading Reiki throughout my apartment with minimal effort from me. Give it a try! And keep an open mind when ideas pop up for new and excited ways to apply Reiki in your world. It certainly can’t hurt, and novelty keeps the spark alive. Let me know how your experiments are going. 🙂

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