An Easy Technique for Lymph System Care

I use dry brushing as a simple practice to keep my lymph system healthy. I love it! It’s easy, quick, and feels great. I credit this technique as a vital piece of my wellness program. Managing stress, cultivating life-force, minimizing toxins, and boosting the lymph system is my recipe for vitality and healthy aging and dry brushing is a crucial ingredient.

This video does a nice job of clearly explaining the process. This is something anyone can do on a daily or weekly basis. I do it several times per week before bathing. Those with lymph issues will want to check out her other video (linked in this one) for a different routine. My philosophy is do the maintenance work and prevent issues whenever possible.

For a one-time cost of about $20 for a brush, and about 10 minutes per session, you can take action to promote greater immune system function and overall health. It doesn’t get easier than this, folks! Give it a try.

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