Floating Effortlessly, Thanks to Reiki

During these times of uncertainty and conflicting information from the media, I’m more grateful than ever for the amazing power of Reiki. It helps me tap into my inner wisdom. I find myself gently nudged in the direction my soul wishes me to go and when I follow along, things fall magically into place, just as if I’m effortlessly floating downstream.

Sometimes I forget how easy it can be and opt to paddle with gusto, trying and failing to get upstream. During these episodes, the nudges grow stronger, eventually becoming prods and finally discomfort intervenes as a last ditch effort to get my attention.

For the most part I’ve learned to avoid unnecessary discomfort by noticing synchronicity as well as my yearnings and moving in the direction my inner GPS suggests. I’ve been using Reiki to awaken my intuition for many years now and intentionally welcome the communication wholeheartedly.

Usually. 🙂 Sometimes I struggle against the flow, meeting obstacle after obstacle until I remember. Go with the flow. Abraham Hicks has said over and over and over again, everything I want is downstream.

Downstream is easy. I just stop paddling and the current carries me.

It might not always look easy from the outside as my path seems to frequently contradict the status quo. But I’m given the guidance and support I need every step of the way.

The longer I follow this path, the deeper my trust grows. Reiki helps me access my soul’s guidance and take action when I’m inspired to do so, and to remain patient when I’m not. No easy feat, but very doable with Reiki’s help.

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