Thank Heavens for Long Distance Reiki!

Yesterday, my twin niece and nephew arrived in this world. They are the first of the next generation, and apparently so anxious to join us, that they came twelve weeks early. They are getting the best medical care at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. I have no doubt that the doctors and nurses there are doing everything within their power to keep them safe. Yet I know that the artificial environment in any hospital along with the toxic energy of fear and worry is not ideal for any being, let alone precious babies who weigh less than 3 lbs each.

Thank heavens for Reiki, the healing energy of divine love. An even bigger thanks for the long distance Reiki symbol that allows me to transmit healing energy to these darlings from my own home in California. (I jokingly call it the faraway app.) Level 2 students are attuned to a sacred symbol that allows them to direct the flow of Reiki to anywhere, or anywhen. I often use it to send healing to a time in the past when a trauma was experienced or to an expected difficult situation (such as an exam or surgery) in the future. The long distance symbol can also be used to send healing to the oceans, the planet, or war zones.

Please note that it cannot, however, be used to get your philandering boyfriend to become faithful or your uncle to stop smoking. Reiki never interferes with a person’s free will and does not ever manipulate anyone’s behavior. But in times of emergency, it is possible to contact the higher self of an individual for permission. This is how I got the go-ahead from the twins- their eternal spirits are willing recipients. Their mother has asked for healing and prayers in the past, so she is fair game as well. I have contacted my friends and the larger Reiki community to ask for their support. As you might imagine, they are eager to help.

The limits of time and space are but an illusion. Energy is not bound by location nor a calendar, and divine healing energy most certainly has the capacity to go where and when it is needed. I feel truly blessed to have the skill and understanding to be of service to my family even though I am unable to be physically present. I can only imagine how frustrated and powerless I’d be feeling right now if I had never been introduced to this miraculous treatment. What’s even more amazing is that anyone and everyone can learn to do this. Yes, the power of a treatment is amplified with practice and experience; and the higher the consciousness and vibration of practitioner, the stronger the flow of energy. Given that information, there is no time like the present to contact a Reiki Master Teacher in your area and begin your training soon. The world will be a better place if you do.

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