Time Release Reiki

Lately I’ve been sharing a lot about long distance Reiki, especially since the premature birth of my twin niece and nephew 30oo miles away. The healing power of Reiki is not limited to my immediate vicinity; so it’s not necessary to be in the same room, state, or even country of the person being treated. Don’t get me wrong, the warmth and intimacy of a hands-on session is truly delightful. I try to receive one myself at least once a month, preferably two or even three times. But the beauty is, it’s just not necessary. Reiki is activated by intention, and students who have received the level 2 attunement are gifted with a sacred symbol that allows them to transmit energy to anywhere they desire, provided the recipient is willing.

Another aspect of the long-distance symbol is the power to send healing energy to different points in time. This is an extremely powerful technique for healing old traumas to body, psyche, or soul. For instance, I sometimes find myself triggered by an event in my life that is really quite trivial, but reminds me of a difficult time in my childhood when I felt powerless or alone. This is a great opportunity for me to notice that what’s happening now is not really the issue, that I’m really reacting to something that happened 3o years ago, and an emotional melt down is completely inappropriate in the here and now. During these times, I excuse myself as quickly as possible, and retreat to a quiet, safe place and take a few moments to channel distance healing to the original injury. I can actually sense my younger self relaxing into the knowingness that she is being cared for and that all is truly well.

I also use the tool for sending Reiki to the future, both for myself and my clients. If people have difficulty sleeping, for example, I can program the energy to visit them at night when they most need support. Also, if someone has a challenging exam, a court date, a medical procedure, or even a difficult conversation planned it is possible to send them healing at that specific time. Actually, Reiki can be used for the event itself, as well as the person. So, I can activate the symbol, intend to send Reiki to my friend’s surgery (which will actually encompass all aspects of the procedure, the staff, the equipment, the complete environment) as well as my friend. So if this surgery is happening next Thursday at 2:00 and I have something else scheduled at that time, I can set it all up now, and “be there” energetically for support.

What’s truly spectacular is that anyone can do this! I have no special innate gifts that make me a born healer. I simply took the classes and practiced. A lot!  While it’s true that the purer one’s vibration and intention, the more powerful the treatment, the day after my Reiki 2 class, I was using this technique successfully. Most definitely the results have improved over time with my experience and devotion to spiritual growth, but that’s just the icing on the cake! Imagine a world where more and more people spent time each day devoted to helping their loved ones heal. Imagine the implications of sharing this energy with the people in your life who need support as well as receiving support from those same people when you need it. Imagine contributing to the Reiki World Peace Meditation organized each month by the International Center for Reiki Training and joining practitioners around the world envisioning  peace for us all. If this imagining creates a joyful feeling in your heart, consider seeking out a Reiki Master Teacher in your area and get started on your pathway to service.


4 thoughts on “Time Release Reiki

  1. I have recently started practising distance healing for a very close friend who is having an extremely had time. Most of the time I treat when she is asleep mainly due to the time difference, but she still enjoys the benefits and my ability and confidence is growing, and I am discovering the power of distance healing, wow! I have not try distance healing over time but am keen to start this, thanks 🙂


    1. How wonderful that you are doing this! Isn’t HSZSN amazing? If you wanted to treat her while she’s awake, you could use the symbol and your intention. Although, I think it’s great to send while she’s sleeping as I have found that people seem to be more receptive when they’re not thinking. Try it and let me know what you think!


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