Just the Hose

As a teacher, I have always felt the importance of clarifying to my students that as Reiki practitioners, we’re just the hose- not the water. It’s pretty easy to get carried away by the amazing results we witness time and time again when working with clients. It’s not unusual for people to get up from a treatment claiming to feel better than they have in decades or that the weight of the world has been lifted from their shoulders. It’s equally common for them in this blissed-out state to believe that we have magic hands or work miracles.

As lovely as it is to be appreciated and have one’s work be so well received, those of us who have learned to allow this healing energy flow through our hands must remember that we are merely humble conduits. In actuality, I am nothing special. Reiki, on the other hand, is quite spectacular! It always knows where to go and when to stop. Because it is divinely guided it can do no harm. This is the miracle! We practitioners are simply facilitators. While it’s true that the higher our vibrations are, the cleaner our pipes are, and the more strongly the energy can flow through us. Yet I must give credit where the credit is due, and in this case it is abundantly clear that all accolades belong to the water, not the hose.

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