Here and Now

I’m a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle’s visionary book, The Power of Now. Ever since I read it, I’ve been experimenting with Reiki self-treatment to help me stay present in The Now; the only place I have access to my true power. I’ve also been working with my clients to reach this goal as well; both through intention setting and in our sessions together. The results have been amazing!

I’ve been noticing an enhanced willingness to let go of grievances that weigh me down, and to forgive both myself and others, rather than dragging the past into the precious Now. Reiki is helping me to actualize that willingness into reality. I’m also feeling a great deal of security that comes not from a change in income or expenses, but from a Knowingness that all my needs are provided for. Rather than simply repeating these words as an affirmation (which btw, I’ve been doing for a decade!) I’m actually trusting that they are true. This trust enables me to surrender worries about the future. Once again, I am catapulted into The Now. I like it here! It’s heavenly!! I’m ever so grateful to The Power of Reiki for helping me to transition into my new residency. The more the merrier, so please consider joining me. How about Now?

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