Radical Self-Care, Meditate

Yesterday I began a 40 day journey self-care exploration. Today’s installment is about meditation. There are probably as many ways to meditate as there are meditators. I don’t endeavor to teach people how; rather to express why. I meditate to uncover my essential self, so that I am acting from the deep truth within me as I go about my day. That means discarding all the flotsam and jetsam in my psyche that is NOT me. I am not my to-do list. I am not my previous wounds or victories. I am not the labels (healer, teacher, daughter, friend) that I identify with. I am most definitely not the woman society expects me to be.

So every morning I sit quietly sorting through all that is not me and discovering the spark of divinity that has always been there, patiently waiting to be found. The way I practice this is to meditate before I connect with the world. I had a classic internal struggle this morning as I was so excited to write these words that I considered postponing my meditation. Fortunately I soon saw how ridiculous that was! I needed to clear my mind first so I’d be able to speak from the truth at my center.

I’ve learned over the years that when I delay my mediation, one thing leads to another and I’ve spent the entire day distracted by busyness; off-kilter, and unaware. I honor meditation’s  position as top-priority by giving it a premium time slot, soon after waking, even before my first cup of tea. In the same way that I pay my rent before I spend money on non-essentials, I do my self-care practices before everything else. This commitment and the willingness to surrender all that is not real are the only requirements for my meditation practice. After that, it’s like the saying: don’t just do something, sit there! And so I do.

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